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  • George J. Kressley - An Excellent Aid to Picking and Grinning...

    Okay, this is my first Amazon review because I wanted to share what I have experienced so far with this software. First, I have played guitar off and on for about 40 years now and this program has helped me make excellent progress in a few weeks of playing.

  • Wade Johnson Jr. - I Think that I am Disappointed

    I thought that Swarovski was going to alternate their annual ornaments between snowflakes and stars. So I am disappointed that this year seemed to be another star and not a snowflake. Some reviewers are calling it a "snowflake", but it looks like a star to me. Swarovski has a smaller ornament labeled 2016 Annual Edition Christmas Star, small" which looks just like it. So I would drop the rating to 3 stars for my disappointment in it not being a snowflake but will add a star for so many saying that it is "beautiful". Have not received them yet but I will be ordering my usual four for family and friends.

  • R. Cowen - Great TV but with some issues

    Great picture! Very good logical remote. I took off a star because it only has 2 HDMI ports; I need three, so I bought a 3 times 1 Port HDMI Switch/Switcher by Portta for about $8 from Amazon and solved the problem without spending a lot of money. Another problem was that my old tv was connected to my High Fi system with standard RCA jacks and I couldn't get any sound out of the RCA jacks on the LG tv (maybe I don't know enough). So I needed to use the Optical sound output that is for newer sound systems. So I bought the Digital to Audio converter adapter(about $14) by Neewer and a digital optical audio toslink cable (Blue Rigger, 3ft.) for $5.69 from Amazon and now everything works to my satisfaction!

  • Thomas Holt - Burning your money would be more fun!

    This release of NetObjects Fusion can be summarised by the fact that the "documentation", clearly adapted in a garage in Mumbai from previous versions, proudly welcomes you to "Corel Web Site Creator"! If you think this mind-numbing incompetence is limited to the documentation, take a look at the litany of complaints from dozens of unfortunate purchasers pleading for help on the NetObjects Forum - there is no official help, or any form of customer service, readily available from the company itself. I bought the software a few months ago and, following a fatal disk crash, lost my carefully saved copy of the install file - together with everything else on the disk. I had to pay $22 for the privelege of re-downloading it to a new computer. Not surprisingly, as a user for over 10 years, I am less than impressed. In fact, the more I fight with this release of what used to be a great package, the more I am inclined to find alternative software that actually does what it says it will do. To be honest, the only thing that keeps this sloppy version of NetObjects alive is the dedication of a few old hands who provide support free of charge on the forum. To charge for what is little more than a bug-fix to the previous version, which was in turn hardly an improvement on the last quite good version of the package - version 11 - is simply the road to ruin.



  • JanxD - Awesome!

    I actually bought this for my Little Brother since he started getting into Magic the Gathering Cards. Once I gave it to him, he burst into joy and was happy with the cards randomly given within the box.