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Delivering Savings Through Group Purchasing | Innovatix - Innovatix, the nation’s leading group purchasing organization (GPO), delivers value to the non-acute healthcare, education, and business communities.

  • https://www.innovatix.com/sign-in/ Sign In | Innovatix - Members have around-the-clock access to the tools and services they need to participate in our purchasing program optimally.
  • https://www.innovatix.com/about-innovatix/ Delivering Savings Through Group Purchasing | Innovatix - Innovatix, the nation’s leading group purchasing organization, (GPO) delivers value to the non-acute healthcare, education and business communities.
  • https://www.innovatix.com/group-purchasing-non-acute-healthcare-education-business/ Group Purchasing Solutions | Innovatix - The Innovatix group purchasing portfolio provides competitive pricing for the products and services our members use every day.
  • https://www.innovatix.com/value-added-member-programs/ Member Programs | Innovatix - Innovatix member programs include advisory groups, employee discount program, clinical programs, government affairs, specialty pharmacy management
  • https://www.innovatix.com/ispm/ Speciality Pharmacy Management Program | Innovatix - The Innovatix Specialty Pharmacy Management (ISPM) program offers training & solutions for retail pharmacies to better serve specialty pharmacy patients.
  • https://www.innovatix.com/innovatix-accreditation-advisory-services/ Innovatix Accreditation  Advisory  Services | Innovatix - Innovatix has launched a new, fee-for-service program to support pharmacies that are looking to achieve recognition from various accrediting bodies.

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  • Susan R. Doddy - I love this mouse pad!!

    I bought a similar mouse pad years ago from Staples that I use with my work computer and I loved it so much that when it was time to replace the mouse pad for my personal computer, I started looking for one just like it and I found it here on Amazon. I probably don't actually use it right, because I have the thinnest side of the pad under my wrist and the thickest part farthest away from me, but it works for me. There is memory foam in it and yes, it does have a bit of a smell for a couple of days (which for some reason I think actually smells good), but it went away after a few days. It isn't really a soft squishy pad, but I like it and it's still softer than nothing and is much better than just a flat mouse pad. I also like the size of it--you have a good amount of 'mousing' room on it. I've used my one for my work computer every single day since January 2006 and I just love it. It wipes clean with a damp washcloth, does not have a pulls in it like my old gel mouse pad and it still looks new. It also stays put and doesn't slide around. I highly recommend it, but if you really like something that's very soft and squishy, you may not like this.

  • Neith Auset Anima - Not Bad, Nothing Special

    I've always wanted to try these just like the many who viewed the presentation on Dr. Oz. I've always been apprehensive of these types of "miracle weight loss drugs" mainly because of the side effects. I am not a pill taker at all but decided to give these a try. On the bottle it states the benefits of these pills include:

  • MaryH - Does the job.

    Works as well as my Waterpik that I previously had and is more reasonably priced than Waterpik. Like the design with the two compartments. Only complaint is the setting on the wand itself. Easily changes when I don't want it to. Waterpik has a dial on the unit and I prefer that.

  • cary - A pleasant read

    I enjoyed it even tho it's geared more towards teen readers , it was still good. I really enjoyed the "new look" of Archie that's what caught my attention in the first place so I bought it , and I'm glad I did too. You see as a bonus they included the very first Archie ( 1941 ) published and that was good to see and read too !

  • John J. - reduced value

    I received the 2013 version of this as a gift and enjoyed it. A chunk of the enjoyment was on the back side of each daily cartoon. The 2014 version has a blank back side. Next year, I will be trying a different calendar.

  • Sketchie - AWESOME.

    helped with my depression - now i just have to figure out which ingredient it is - as it is somewhat expensive. It helps me let go of things, so I don't dwell on them. Frees me up to concentrate on other things. AWESOME.