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Integrated Naturopathic Health and Cancer Centre - Integrated Health Clinic in Fort Langley BC, is a Naturopathic Health and Cancer Care Centre specializing in Integrative Medicine. Drs. Karen & Gurdev Parmar's Clinic provides diagnosis and healing through holistic, personalized programs of wellness for body & mind.

  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_aboutus/aboutUs.htm Integrated Health Clinic About Us - Integrated Health Clinic in Fort Langley BC was founded in 2000 by husband and wife team Dr's. Karen and Gurdev Parmar. The clinic provides science-based naturopathic medicine for patients seeking choice in their health care regimen.
  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_treatment/treatment.htm Integrated Health Clinic Naturopathic Treatments - Integrated Health Clinic Fort Langley BC. Our service philosophy provides patients with a preventive, integrated approach to medical treatment of both existing conditions and preventable future illness.
  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_cancercare/cancerCare.htm Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre - Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre Fort Langley BC. has developed a strong reputation across the country in providing the best approach in evidence-based integrative oncology diagnostics and treatments.
  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_support/support.htm Integrated Health Clinic Support Services - Integrated Health Clinic Fort Langley BC. provides our patients with access to an array of natural support services.
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  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_cancercare/_CCCResources/postCCC-residency.htm Integrated Health Clinic Blog Pages - Integrated Health Clinic Fort Langley BC. Alternative and Naturopathic medicine clinic specializing in Cancer Care. Dr. Parmars Naturopathic Clinic provides thorough diagnosis and healing through an holistic, personalized program of wellness for your body and mind.
  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_cancercare/_CCCResources/cusiosStudy.htm Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre Resources - Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre Fort Langley BC. cancer specific resource links and documentation.
  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_aboutus/_bios/alyssaFruson.htm Dr Sarah Sjovold Bio - Integrated Health Clinic Fort Langley BC. Dr. Brent Magowan, Doctor of Chiropractic
  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_cancercare/_CCCTreatment/cancerHyperthermia.htm Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre Treatment - Oncothermia Hyperthermia - Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre Fort Langley BC. Cancer specific Oncotherm Loco-Regional Hyperthermia treatment.
  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_treatment/ivTherapies.htm Integrated Health Clinic IV Therapies - Integrated Health Clinic Fort Langley BC. Naturopathic treatment, IV Therapies, including Vitamin C.
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  • http://www.integratedhealthclinic.com/_treatment/allergy.htm Integrated Health Clinic Allergy Testing and Treatment - Integrated Health Clinic Fort Langley BC. Naturopathic treatment, Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art.
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  • Ginastylerocks - 3 Stars

    I did not enjoy this one. It was lacking compared to the first 2 books and it seemed rushed. It seemed liked this book had a lot more sex in it than the other two and after awhile, I found myself getting bored with it. However, I am glad that the book ended on a good note. Anyway, even though I did not care for part 3, I think Lucinda John is a good author, so I will continue to support her work. Looking forward to reading her next book.

  • mary h siegel - Would not buy again

    Because the mirror has a swivel platform, it shakes with the car's vibration. This is very annoying. Also my 2 year old granddaughter is still rear facing so she kicks the mirror and makes it crooked. This is because the mirror is large and hangs down low enough for her legs to reach it. I had another mirror before this one that attached directly to the headrest and worked much better.

  • Fair N Freckles - What is in this stuff?! WOW

    I am probably one of the biggest skeptics on the planet, and the worst part, is I don't have the patience to give something enough time to work before I chuck it in the drawer as ineffective. I have a fairly high pain tolerance...living daily with knee pain, but my right knee was to the point that I made an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon...but ...I knew what he was going to say. "Lose some weight and your knees will feel better." Oh my gosh, why didn't I think of that? So I patiently explained that I realize that I'm extra fluffy, and I am losing some fluff, but I need help NOW! Not in the future....NOW. The same day I made that appointment, the Penetrex delivery arrived. I put it on as directed that night. Can't say I felt much of a change, but I'm usually good to try something for a couple days. The next morning, it did feel a little better when I got out of bed. As directed, I put more on in the morning, at lunch time and by that afternoon....now remember this is after only 3 applications, I felt a HUGE difference in my pain level. I mean reduced down from a 9 to a 4-5. I was absolutely amazed. Ok, before anyone is thinking this is the miracle of the millenium, that relief didn't last long - but it did continue pretty steady as I continued to apply the Penetrex 3-4 times each day until my doctor appointment. I was given a cortisone shot that totally relieved the pain at that point, so I stopped the Penetrex. The diagnosis? Severe arthritis, bone spur, and torn meniscus. Penetrex gave me relief enough to function way better than my normal. It's now been 6 days since my cortisone shot and I'm back to my normal level of pain - you can bet I'm bringing the Penetrex back out and starting back on the regime. I've already given some to my co-workers for their shoulder pain (helped them) and I'm telling everyone I know about Penetrex. Even showed it to the doctor - his answer, if it's helping, absolutely use it! Best advice I had that whole day. :)

  • CBonfig - Decent starter book, but NOT comprehensive guide

    I have been a pharmacist for 8 years and am currently in charge of helping to train our new technicians as they are hired. One aspect of their training is to prepare them for the PTCB exam. We have several PTCB exam prep books available, but I decided to purchase this book as well to see what it had to offer. Unfortunately, I would say it is mediocre exam prep book, at best. It covers the basics, but it isn’t a well-rounded exam prep. The math is very basic, the exam itself has more rigorous requirements. Most of the multiple choice questions/answers are simply put out there for you to answer, there isn’t any follow-up or explanation as to why the answer is correct. I didn’t review the content in detail, but one of my technicians pointed out a few things that I would consider to be errors. When taken in conjunction with other exam prep guides, this book may be considered an acceptable starter, but if you really want to pass the test, you are going to need more than this book. Honestly, working in a pharmacy before taking the exam is the best way to gain the knowledge you will need to pass the test (most states give you a period of time, usually 1 year, after starting work in a pharmacy to get certified). (I did receive this book at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. All of the information provided above is my personal experience with the book).