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Alcohol and Drug Interventions | Professional Interventionists - Confronting a loved one about substance abuse can be intimidating. Our expert services help make your alcohol or drug intervention is safe and successful.

  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/our-services/ Our Intervention Services - Our intervention services are all uniquely designed to help your loved one take that first step towards recovery. Learn what we do here.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/our-services/intervention-locations/ Professional Intervention Locations | Areas We Serve - Finding professional help for intervening in a loved one's substance abuse is a critical step. Check our list of professional intervention locations.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/ Addiction Intervention 101 - This helpful visual guide provides an overview of the addiction intervention process, and how professional intervention services can be most effective.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/models-of-interventions/ Drug Intervention Models | Types of Interventions - There are several intervention models. Learn some popular types of interventions and which method may best help your loved one struggling with addiction.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/addiction-and-recovery/ Addiction and Recovery - Intervention services can help your family confront addiction and recovery issues in the most effective way. Learn the difference here.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/about-us/ About Intervention Services, Inc. | Restoring Lives - Intervention Services provides alcohol and drug interventions to families with loved ones struggling with addiction or substance abuse.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/about-us/our-founders/ Intervention Services Founders - Kevin & David Lee - Our founders, David Lee and Kevin Lee, were raised in the same, typical, middle class home in Northwest Indiana, but took two different roads that merged into one.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/contact-us/ Contact Us- Intervention Services - Contact us- Intervention Services is on hand to assist you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week throughout this trying time and even beyond. (877) 478-4621
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-resources/intervention-videos/why-families-wait/ Family Interventions - Why Families Wait - "Why Families Wait?" is a presentation by our Founder, David Lee, to help understand family interventions and why families wait to confront their loved one.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/our-services/intervention-assessment/ An Intervention Assessment can Determine if your Loved One Needs Help - An intervention assessment provides an expert perspective to determine the best course of action for helping a loved one suffering from addiction.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/about-us/credentials/ Interventionist Credentials - Intervention Services, Inc. - We are often asked what is required to become and interventionist and what interventionist credentials are available to determine the quality of an intervention service.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-resources/ Intervention Resources - Here are a variety of intervention resources to help you or your loved one. Intervention Services is renowned for helping people get back on track.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/our-services/continuum-of-care/ The Continuum of Care For Recovery From Drug and Alcohol Addiction - Help for families looking for the best solution to their loved one's drug and alcohol addiction. Helping them find interventionists, treatment centers and more
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/about-us/cost-of-intervention-services/ How Much Does an Intervention Cost? | Intervention Pricing - The cost of intervention services can vary so it is important to be informed when trying to help an addict. Learn the red flags to watch for here.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-resources/intervention-videos/ Intervention Videos - A Series of Intervention Videos, Intervention Presentations, and other resources to help families understand addiction, recovery, interventions
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/enabling/ Am I Enabling Addiction - Sometimes the best intentioned actions are actually enabling addiction. Learn how intervention services can stop the enabling and help an addict recover.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/drug-and-alcohol-intervention/ What is a Drug or Alcohol Intervention - Drug or alcohol interventions can be the first step towards helping you or a loved one recover from addiction. Don't be reluctant to seek guidance asap.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/substance-abuse-intervention/ Substance Abuse Intervention - Intervention Services, Inc. - A substance abuse intervention can help restore hope to a family by showing the addicted that they are abusing substance(s),
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/intervention-types/life-intervention/life-skills-intervention/ Life Skills Intervention - Intervention Services, Inc. - Consider life skills intervention to give you the tools to help a loved one, and you will be able to take the power into your own hands.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/intervention-types/life-intervention/co-dependent-intervention/ Co-dependent Intervention - Co-dependent intervention is finally saying no more. The intervention will let the addict know that their actions and behaviors will no longer be tolerated.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/intervention-types/life-intervention/relationship-intervention/ Relationship Intervention - Intervention Services, Inc. - Relationship Intervention Starts with communication skills, one of the most difficult parts of staging an intervention when they communicate using anger.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/intervention-types/life-intervention/ Life Intervention - Intervention Services Inc. - We will give you the help you need to empower your family to help end addiction and the dead-end street it invariably leads to, with a life intervention.
  • http://www.interventionservicesinc.com/intervention-101/intervention-types/mental-health-intervention/ Mental Health Intervention - Intervention Services Inc. - Scheduling a mental health intervention is an important first step to getting them on the road to recovery. Call us today for help: 1-877-478-4621

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