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Alternative, Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine - The Institute for Progressive Medicine - The Institute for Progressive Medicine uses alternative medicine and conventional therapies to treat patients with Diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, arthritis, fatigue, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders, can often be managed without drugs and avoiding the complications of drugs and surgery whenever possible.

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  • C. Wickline - Deep Conditions!!!

    Ok so let me tell you first and foremost. Full disclosure here…..even though I got this item at a discounted price with shipping and everything. I would never let that sway my opinion in either direction. I believe in being completely honest when I review a product. We’re all consumers here, and I depend on other people’s review of products before I buy them. So rest assured you will get my honest opinion and feedback! After all – it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it so why not!?

  • ralph silvas - not supper night vision, hard to see anything at ...

    not supper night vision , hard to see anything at night, not what the claim and they did not advise that a memory card had to be bought separate

  • carmencatt - nice scent, but didn't remove a thing!

    It's obvious this is for sensitive skin. It left my skin feeling soft and the added little conditioning stick is wonderful. The only thing is-it did not remove any stubble-at all. I even extended the time beyond what it recommended and it was still "stubborn stubble." I want to find a product that works and also that doesn't take half my skin away in the process. This won't take the skin away with awful chemical burns but it won't take any hair either.

  • Richie - excellent for push/pull config

    i thought i reviewed this cooler already but i will now. it is attached to my i5 cpu. the cpu runs in the 30's when idling and 60's on full load. i have not tested it against the stock cooler that came with the cpu so i can't state if it runs cooler or hotter in my present rig. i bought a fan and assemble a pull/push configuration. i do like it. note: is that this is a tall cooler. i actually had to replace my 200mm side fan with a 140mm one so that the case could close. also the fan fits very close to the ram slots. therefore in some motherboards, the 1st ram slot may be unusable to install normal ram. to offset this, i've installed low profile ram. however, mounting the fan a bit higher on the cooler can work if you have the room. my asrock z77 pro4 had enough room without the need for the low profile ram before it got fried.

  • Morning Star Vasquez - Deep disappointment

    Yep, sorry to say. It had so much potential to have a sequel if the writers and director would have given a little more weight to certain parts. This two stars is for deep disappointment that this film didn't reach the height that it could have. I loved the original Ghostbusters (most of them, who doesn't?), and could imagine this one could have extended them into the 21st century. It had the potential! But no. Deep disappointment.

  • Jenny Lac - Can't play it!

    I haven't been even able to play it yet. The mobile remote function does not work. Such a shame because i loved previous editions but i don't have a kinnect anymore.