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  • debbie berridge - Fourth cup of Bragg Vinegar, Organic only use this ...

    Fourth cup of Bragg Vinegar, Organic only use this. half of a cup of water. Mix pour on your head wait a half hr twice a week. be patient and about six weeks latter will see new hair. JUST SAVED YOU A LOT OF MONEY. Why this works don't really know but my hairdresser is passing this around now.

  • Mike - Much better than Wii Fit

    I've had the Wii Fit for a number of years, but using that board is clunky and a pain in the keister. A friend recommended "Your Fitness Evolved" and the Kinect, so I did. After reading all the positive reviews, I went ahead and purchased the Xbox and YFE 2012, and I'm quite pleased with it. No more board to stand on. The only downside it that it doesn't track your weight, but it's a lot better in every other regard.

  • Kyle B. - I get one of these guides whenever visiting a new country...

    I love the Lonely Planet guides. Got one for Costa Rica last year, and this one for Iceland this year. I will get one of these books whenever visiting a new country. They have great information on all the towns and major attractions. Reviews of restaurants and hotels are extremely helpful when planning the trip as well as finding places to eat once there.

  • Bonnie - The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real--in fact

    The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real throughout the film. In fact, at the beginning, cracks appear in a side street which leads to the ocean in California--just 1/2 mile from my home. There are overwhelming incidents throughout the film that lend intense drama.