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JD Breast Cancer Foundation | Ohio Breast Cancer Support - Located in Cleveland, Ohio, our mission is to provide critical financial assistance, support and inspiration to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer.

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  • Jennifer L Hallacker - Didn't cleanse the important stuff..

    Followed directions to a T. Still tested positive for THC, so if you're buying it for that purpose, don't bother. Don't have a way to test other toxins, so I can't say if it worked for overall body toxins.

  • A. Wehner - Looks great, but man everyone wasn't lying about the brake ...

    Looks great, but man everyone wasn't lying about the brake part. THAT was frustrating. Doing it in the cold weather, it was tough. I don't feel right boiling it with it having aluminum, so I used mt hands and a screwdriver (it helps a lot). You're probably going to poke holes, but it won't prevent it from going on. At the top (wider part), there's a cut in for easier insert, so at the bottom, I had cut the corners so all four sides had a flap. It made it a lot easier. Gas pedal is simple. Maybe 20 seconds tops. Brake had me at 45 min to get it figured out. Screwdriver helps!!! Don't forget it.

  • Sara Dunnigan - Xbox One is a starting out as a great piece of equipment with a lot of upside for the future

    As a console, it is a very capable next-gen gaming device. There is a solid offering of launch titles -- I have played Dead Rising 3, FIFA 14, Powerstar Golf and Killer Instinct so far, they are all a lot of fun. Kinect 2.0 works better than the original Kinect -- mostion controls have faster response and are more reliable, voice controls work much better but still not 100%. The controller is well designed, a bit different than the X360 controller yet still comfortable and familiar in the hand. Graphics are very good and will only get better as developers learn to optimize the hardware.

  • B. Knisely - pretty good

    "swish a little through, and it looks like new"... yeah, i'm gonna go with no on that one! that's the quote that they use in the commercial to demonstrate how easy it is to clean out a coffee pot (although "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"). i actually had to scrub at mine for quite a while to get results... but i still got really good results, and that's what counts! i also used this on some rusty tools, and they look great now (i don't know if like knew, cause i haven't seem them like this for a while). ya gotta scrub to get the right results with this stuff. oh, and it didn't seem to help with my shower head, so i dinged it a star!