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JJ O'Toole Ltd Ireland's Leading Packaging Supplier - JJ O'Toole Ltd are distributors of carrier bags, luxury bags, degradable bags, boxes, cartons, bubblewrap and industrial packaging supplies.

  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/christmas-packaging-retail-packaging/ Christmas Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - We have a range of packaging for all your Christmas packaging needs this festive season, from luxury bags, paper carriers, hamper boxes and much more..
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/retail-packaging/ Retail Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - A range of retail packaging including paper bags, luxury stock bags, counter bags and much more all available in a range of sizes and colours...
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/industrial-packaging/ Industrial Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - We supply a large range of industrial packaging from palletwrap and shrink wrap to various tapes, corrugated rolls, bubblewrap and Polyethylene Foam...
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/food-packaging/ Food Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - With over 100 years supplying leading packaging, our food packaging consists of bakery, retail, deli, restaurant, takeaway boxes, cartons, foil and plastic
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/jewellery-packaging/ Jewellery Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - A range of jewellery packaging including ring, necklace, bracelet and earring boxes in various colours, luxury jewellery boxes also available...
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/bespoke-packaging/ponchos/ Ponchos - JJ O Toole Ltd - We can design and produce any ponchos that you require, if it's warmth or protection from the rain, you think it, we can do it!
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/environment/ Environment - JJ O Toole Ltd - We respect our environment. As a proud Limerick business we want to have a positive impact on our surrounding community. A proud member of Repak

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  • B. Grant - Say goodby to finger fatigue!

    Love it! Worth every penny. Makes extensive spray jobs manageable. I would not hesitate to purchase again as I hate the finger fatigue one experiences when doing a marathon painting session with rattle cans.

  • Nils Olav - Best choline to use with nootropics

    I've been using piracetam and other nootropics for years, I highly recommend this brand of choline bitartate to use with them.

  • Amazon Customer - Great core strengthening!!

    Fun Workout For Sure! Twisting is so easy to do on this board and you really feel your core strengthening. I've even started trying push ups and squats.. definitely a fun and effective exercise product!

  • Heather - Great Pill

    I got this for free for a review. I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia with Green Coffee for about 6 months now. I have it twice a day 30 minutes to 1 hour before I eat. Normally before breakfast and lunch. Since I have started taking it I have lost 20lbs. I feel healthier , have more energy throughout the day, and sleep better at night. It helps you to stay full longer and you fill up really quickly when you eat. I take the pills as soon as I get up at 530am, I normally eat a small breakfast around 630am (1/2 nutrigrain bar and coffee) then have a snack around 930am (handful of nuts), at about 1030 I take the second does, I normally eat lunch between 1130 and noon ( half a sandwich and a handful of veggies), I eat again around 230 (some type of fruit), around 500 I eat dinner (normally baked chicken and veggies), and finally I normally have sugar free jello (something sweet) around 700. I would like to stress that it's a great pill but like with anything you have to put in the effort.

  • Sharon VDH - Beware of side effects!

    This a wonderful cable, I must admit. My pixels are now perfectly square, and the color range is phenomenal, extending both into the infra-red and ultraviolet. This is a little disconcerting at first, since there seem to be an inordinate number of gibbering, drooling hell-born nightmares that inhabit the edges of the visible spectrum. However, I was able to successfully cleanse my living room with a Zima, a pinch of turmeric and a copy of 'Twilight: New Moon'.