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  • Saundra Van Luven - It is irritating

    I put in the discription that I was looking for this kind of Recipe File for my Mac. When It came it required Windows to open it. I'm not going to pruchase a Almost $200 product to down load it into. So disappointing! No I didn't send it back I am bad at that. Yes I am one of those.

  • sherry - healthy alternative

    I`ve been using Daiya for maybe 2-3 years I`m lactose intertolerant, look at all the different dishes I can make/eat if this didn`t exit. Daiya taste is very real the texture isn`t bad either, much heathier than the real thing,it stretches and melts and is gooey, it`s a bit overpriced in the stores, but at least I can eat/make all these different dishes now, lasagna, mac cheese, in the salad, eggplant parmesan, any dishes that require cheese, and it comes already shredded, how great is that also it doesn`t have all the fat and unhealthy cholesterol that regular dairy cheese has when I serve this to other people they say they love it, and can`t tell any difference. 5 big stars ***** Healthy Alternative.

  • Paul H Schoeman - explosion bears

    I read the reviews and shared them with my staff, but one of my employees said it was a hoax. So, I bought a 1lb bag and gave it to him and put him to the test. He only ate two or three, and then chickened out. Eventually a coworker from a different department said he wanted to try the bears and thought it was a internet hoax. So, my employee gave him the remaining bag, but I warned him and had him read the label on the bag out of good conscious. On day one, he ate about 20 bears over the course of the day, with no problem he told me. On day two, he went to town. As I was about to leave that day, a coworker that sits near the restroom told me the poor fellow, who ate most of the rest of the 1lb bag that day, had been seen running to the rest room earlier, and then left for home a while after. While it appeared that he got his pants down, I think he lost it prior to hitting the seat. I will spare you the visuals, but it was far from pleasant, and I would not be surprised if our custodial staff resigned as a result. Lets just say that a double order of extra spicy chili cheese nachos and a big plate of refried beans could not come close to causing that type of eruption.

  • shelley carmichael - compact yet roomy

    This bag holds a considerable amount considering its compact size. Its straps make it easy to carry. The fabric is durable.

  • AverageGuyShopper - Easy to install, doesn't slow down web surfing

    I installed this on my PC desktop. Even with asking me to remove Microsoft Security Essentials (which is a great antivirus program too IMHO), total install time with updates was less than 10 minutes. Running a quick scan was also less than 10 minutes, though that totally depends on your computer specs. The most important feature to me besides the antivirus is does this slow down my computer/web surfing? Happily, I report that I cannot tell a discernible difference. I also like the menu/interface -- it's nicely laid out and quick. Besides traditional antivirus, N360 also comes with other PC optimization options, like backup, startup streamliner, registry cleaner, etc.