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KM CORP. S.A.C. | Asesores Legales, Financieros y de TI | Abogados, Ingenieros, Contadores | Peru - Abogados especialistas en (a) Negociaciones y Litigios (conciliaciones, litigios, arbitrajes y defensa del consumidor), (b) Asuntos Corporativos (constituciones empresariales, inscripciones registrales y actos jurídicos diversos), (c) Administrativa Especializada (contrataciones con el Estado, derecho minero, derecho en energía, derecho ambiental, responsabilidad social corporativa y representación ante autoridades gubernamentales), (d) Civil y Procesal (contratos civiles, propiedad, familia, sucesiones y procesos civiles), (e) Aspectos Laborales (contrataciones, previsional -ONP, Caja del Pescador, Montepío, AFP-, y seguridad social, actos de hostigamiento y acoso, inspecciones laborales, ceses laborales y procesos judiciales laborales) y (f) Gestión de Cobranza y Recuperaciones (créditos o deudas, y carteras). Adicionalmente, brindamos asesoría complementaría en Tecnologías de la Información y Procesos (desarrollo de la estrategia de TI, estándares y buenas prácticas, procesos organizacionales, implementación de áreas de TI, auditoría informática, software factory, desarrollo a la medida, arquitectura de servicios, venta de equipos de cómputo y licencias de software), y Financiera Contable (interpretación de EE.FF., auditoría financiera, interpretación de leyes tributarias, gestión de obligaciones tributarias, auditoría tributaria, contabilidad externa, preparación de EE.FF., evaluación del control interno, exámenes especiales, peritajes e inventarios), Servicios de Asesoria Legal, Jurídica, de Consultoria de Negocios, Proyectos, Procesos, Organizacional, Inversiones, TI, Tecnologia de la Informacion, ERP, BPM, Peru, Perú, Peruano, Peruana, Peruvian, abogado, lawyer, lawyers, ingeniero, engineers, contador, KM

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    City: -77.0886 Provincia de Lima, Peru

  • VoraciousReader - Works like magic.

    I had a horribly stubborn infestation, and this was the only thing that got rid of all the fleas. Use it as directed: sprinkle on carpets, then use a broom to swoosh it around and create a mist. You can even do this on hardwood floors. And you can sprinkle it on furniture. For me, I had to apply this 6 times. After each application, I noticed fewer and fewer fleas. Then, suddenly, after the 6th application, they were all gone! This is much more effective than the flea bombs; the bombs only seemed to work temporarily, but this got rid of all the fleas once and for all.

  • Alexius Abner - Blah

    What the hell? Who invented this? Doesn't come with instructions. Looks as though it was just thrown in the box when delivered. This thing doesn't even work!

  • KNHwkns - Happy cook

    Have had the pans for about one month now - they are working very nicely. They heat evenly and clean up has been a breeze. They are holding up well - but I'm also being extra careful as all previous pans have been a disaster. Would definitely recommend these to other shoppers based on my intiial experience.

  • luvlaworld - Very dependable software.

    I'm a creature of habit. I've been using Kaspersky since I've own a computer and I think I will always run this brand. It's very dependable in stopping any threats seen or unseen. It was a little pricey however I've notice the price has went down but the quality hasn't.

  • Karl Schubert - They put on a great show

    While both their studio albums are excellent, Lzzy seems even more talented when performing in front of a live audience. I'd highly recommend this video. The only negative is the excessive editing flipping from one camera angle to another hyperactively. Though I've seen far worse editing (e.g. when Steve Harris is allowed to edit for Iron Maiden).