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  • Millie - Bosley Burns

    Started using Bosley because my long hair seems to be falling out strand by strand due to aging. After 3 weeks I believe the hair loss has slowed.

  • LauraZ - Exactly what we wanted

    We purchased this monitor for our son who was looking for a second monitor to use along with his laptop. He did some research and decided this HP Pavilion 21.5" was the monitor he wanted based on its features and its price. After it arrived he set it up and said setup was very easy, just a matter of plugging it in and turning it on. He told me the picture quality is exactly as described by the seller. When I asked him if there is anything that he was surprised or disappointed by, he replied that the seller's description represented the monitor exactly so there were no surprises or frustrations when it arrived. He has a fairly good level of knowledge about computers/monitors etc. and has nothing but positive comments about this monitor.

  • sweetbebe178 - Does the Job!

    This curling iron does the job. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but once i did, it seems to work as promised! My hair is long and thick, so I do wish I could put larger sections of hair into it to have larger curls, and the option to curl in alternate directions would be nice as well. Just make sure your have all tangles brushed out of your hair so it doesn't catch. When I was practicing, I did have it catch a couple times, but then it did automatically seem to shut off to prevent too much hair getting stuck. I am not good with hair and would have no hope of curling all of it with a traditional curling iron, this is easy enough to use on your whole head. Definitely think it's worth it!

  • Tony - They worked!

    Most importantly, I saw a big difference by the time I finished all 14 days of this product. The strips were very easy to apply and stayed on my teeth for the full 30 minutes without moving or slipping at all. They were very comfortable and after two or three days, you become used to it that you don't even feel them any more. The taste of the gel on the strips was not bad at all and the strips were very easy to take off. The residue left on the teeth was not bothersome at all and easy to wipe off. Also, my gums and teeth DID NOT become sensitive after using this product, which I was very happy with.