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  • T. R. - mirror feels as sturdy as the not broken one

    Used it to reattach a mirror to a car that had been broken off. Expanded and sealed really well, mirror feels as sturdy as the not broken one. Now just need to sand and paint around the area as it dries to a foamy yellow.

  • Christian Adriano - Pretty Effective

    When I came to the US a few months ago, I got these bad rashes on my arms that turned into 3 nasty full-blown ring-shaped wounds. Suffice it to say that the resulting scars were horrible to look at. After they got better, I began to look for the best scar removal cream if such a thing does exist and read about this cream from Foxbrim. I read a lot of good reviews about it and decided to try it. I never regretted the decision.

  • Margo - Jeep Wrangler 4-door fuel filler door OEM

    It looks good but it does not fit snug on the car body like the original. It moves every time you open the lid to gas up. You can grab the unit and jiggle it. However, it does not come off and there are no detectable fuel leaks or vapors. Just surprised it did not lock in place like the original. Also, there were no instructions or parts list. I had to go to the jeep.com for installation instructions which were great.

  • James Sexton - Faint praise: I didn't turn it off...

    I am going to keep this short. This was not the worst movie I have ever seen, however it was pretty bad. The story line was... well... ridiculous. The special effects were too over the top. Throughout the entire film I kept thinking the effects, while on one level were impressive, they were so unrealistic that they suspended my 'suspension of disbelief'. The movie really did deserve one star, but as I recently sat through "Furry Vengeance" I could not in good conscience lump it at the same level.

  • Amazon Customer - If you have an older GFX card, you might want to wait until they patch a crashing issue.

    The three stars isn't my rating for the game, it's just a warning. My actual rating would be 4.5, but I haven't experienced much of the game.

  • Mom2Many - Almost great.

    We searched long and hard before deciding on this bike as a gift for our 16 year old son. We were all hopeful that the nearly $300 price tag would provide the same quality. The bike arrived and right off my son was thrilled. So thrilled he was okay with the broken reflector and missing break cord. We were less pleased but glad he was happy. We have searched the packaging thoroughly (and repeatedly). The break cord was not included. Kind of a big deal for a bike.