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OBGYN Gynecologist Austin | da Vinci Surgery | MonaLisa Touch - Dr. Lisa M. Jukes provides gynecology and OBGYN for women's health care in Austin and Marble Falls. Specializing in da Vinci Surgery System and MonaLisa

  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/about-us/ About the Staff | Board Certified OB/GYN Gynecologist | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - Dr. Jukes, her nurse practitioners, and the entire staff provide state-of-the art medical treatment in a compassionate, confidential, and comfortable atmosphere
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/ideal-protein/ Ideal Protein | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - Ideal Protein is an international company that manufactures and distributes products to health professionals. We are the only company in the weight loss
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/gyn-topics/ Gynecology | Family Planning | Birth Control and Contraception | Menopause | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - BIRTH CONTROL PILLS Benefits of Birth Control Pills Preventing unintended pregnancy Decreasing cramping pain with periods Decreasing blood flow and
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/home-blogs/monalisa-touch/ MonaLisa Touch Austin | Vaginal Rejuvenation | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - MonaLisa Touch A new therapy for vaginal health and rejuvenation. First to offer in Austin, Texas and Marble Falls.
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/da-vinci-surgery-2/ da Vinci Robotic Surgery | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - The da Vinci Robotic system is a state-of-the-art surgical system designed to help surgeons perform complicated surgeries, once only achievable through large
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/ablation-essure-2/ Ablation and Essure | Stop Heavy Bleeding | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - Stop Heavy Bleeding This is a procedure that can be performed in the operating room or, less expensively, in the office. Both are performed in the same manner.
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/in-office-procedures-2/ In-office Procedures | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - GYNECARE THERMACHOICE ENDOMETRIAL ABLATION One effective treatment for heavy periods is a global endometrial ablation procedure called Gynecare Thermachoice
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/isclinical-2/ IS Clinical | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - Innovative Skincare products are available for purchase. The exclusive skincare brand is called IS Clinical and features exceptional "results-oriented" skincare
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/biote/ BioTe Men and Women Hormone Therapy | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - BioTE can restore healthy hormone levels for both women and men to help them feel healthy, vibrant and sexy again.
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/health-education/ Health & Education | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION ON SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GARDASIL® Facts and Information Depo-Provera Facts and Information Myriad Genetic Testing
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/office-locations/ Austin Westlake Marble Falls Lakeway | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - Dr. Lisa M. Jukes, Westlake, Marble Falls, Austin, Lakeway, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, Wimberley, Dripping Springs, Bastrop, Fredericksburg, Llano, Kingsland.
  • http://www.lisamjukesmd.com/patient-forms Patient Forms | Dr. Lisa M. Jukes M.D. - PATIENT FORMS Prior to your visit or upon arrival at our office, you will be asked to fill out several forms depending on the reason for your visit and if you

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  • stephstar777 - The best for bad breath

    This is the best remedy for bad breath - my daughter used to have to carry mints because she had less than pleasant breath, now she gargles with this every morning and night and she NEVER has bad breath anymore. Excellent

  • NIck - With great glue comes responsibility

    I bought this stuff and had an idea it would just be another super glue BUT O MY GOD was I wrong! This stuff is something that is so strong you wont believe. BUT BUT THE BEST PART IT DOES stick to everything! If you dont believe me, currently I have a full beer can stuck to the ceiling on just 1 drop. A shiny polished beer can is sticking to a painted ceiling off 1 drop! that's incredible.

  • James E. Pendergrass - A disappointing edition of the ultimate holiday film

    As often happens these days, several video distributors will release editions of classic films with pretentiously superlative labels, such as "deluxe", "collectors'", or in this case, "Ultimate Collector's".

  • RoniR - skeptical buyer is convinced

    I needed to hang a series of seven large heavy picture frames, and they all needed to be at exactly the same height. I bought seven sets of the 'large' hanging strips because I thought it would make the hanging process easier than getting all the nails holes in precisely the correct spot, but I had my doubts that these strips would be strong enough to support my 10-pound frames. I was right about this product simplifying the hanging process -- with a few simple measurements and a level, they all went up lickety-split and easy as you please. But I was wrong to doubt their holding strength. The frames have been up for days and show no signs of falling down. I'm really impressed, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. As a matter of fact, I'm never using traditional hanging hardware for frames ever again. All pictures in my house from this day on will be hung with Command strips. They couldn't be easier and they hold great!

  • Shepherd - Immobilized jumping from 2008 to 2011

    Be very, very careful if you switch from an older version of Quicken to the newest. You could end up totally immobilized like I am right now.