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Living Well, Live and Work Well | Live Well Winona - Welcome to Live Well Winona, where we have a mission to engage the community in a culture of wellness that is distinctively noticeable and results in people that live longer, have better lives, and are measurably healthier.

  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/about/contact/ Healthy City Winona, Healthy Cities Winona - Becoming a healthy city of Winona is what we are about. Contact us for healthy cities ideas here in Winona. We are on our way to making Winona a healthy city!
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/about/ Art of Living Well, Living Life Well, Living Well Work Well - The art of living well includes living life well in the Winona community. Living well to work well helps build strong families and healthy communities.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/about/leadership/ Live Well Be Well, Living Well at Home - To live well and be well, we aim to help people in living well at home. Our staff and board of directors know that to live well and be well yields community health assets.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/about/our-story/ Living and Living Well, Living Well at Every Stage of Life - Living and living well in Winona means living well at every stage of life. Living healthy and living well benefits the entire community and its people.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/about/donate/ Living Well Fund, Well Living Fund, Donate to Live Well Winona - The living well fund or well living fund will accommodate your donation to Live Well Winona. Donate to Live Well Winona today!
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/ Health Facts, Interesting Health Facts - Health facts are presented for your convenience. These interesting health facts help shed light on the health challenges ahead. We use these health facts to guide our work.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/ Health Risk Factors, Health Factors, Related Illnesses - Health risk factors introduce complications. These health factors and preventing their related illnesses are at the heart of the healthy living goal.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/obesity/ Obesity, Factors of Obesity, Causes of Obesity - Obesity and the factors that cause obesity are discussed. The causes of adult and childhood obesity are clear. If we can stem obesity, we will have a great start.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/diabetes/ Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes - Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes are the three main forms of diabetes. Information on each type of diabetes is offered here.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/smoking/ Health Effects from Cigarette Smoking, Smoking Diseases - The health effects from cigarette smoking are numerous. Smoking related diseases result from continuous smoking.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/alcohol/ Alcohol Consumption, Alcohol Disease, Binge Drinking - Alcohol consumption in large amounts can lead to alcohol diseases. Binge drinking leads the way as one of the most dangerous alcohol related behaviors.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/physical-inactivity/ Physical Inactivity, Lack of Exercise - Physical inactivity and lack of exercise can lead to health problems. If you practice physical inactivity and have lack of exercise, you can see metabolic issues develop.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/access-to-healthy-foods/ Access to Healthy Foods, Affordable Quality Food - Community access to healthy foods and having affordable quality food available are important health factors. Community access to healthy foods can enhance health.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/mental-health/ Mental Health, Stress, Mental Illness - Mental health is affected by stress and other factors. Preventing mental illness means taking measures to reduce stress and other mental health factors.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/social-support/ Social Support Network, Social Support Group - A social support network can include a formal social support group. Developing your social support network will help build social support features necessary for good mental health.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/high-school-graduation/ High School Graduation Rate, School Dropout Rates - High school graduation rate is directly affected by school dropout rates. If the high school graduation rate is strong and school dropout rates are low, public health is positively impacted.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/facts/risk-factors-related-illnesses/unemployment/ Unemployment, Employment and Health Data - Unemployment and related employment and health data are indicators of public health. High unemployment rates lead to health-related problems.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/health-resources/health-management/ Health Teaching Resources, Health and Fitness Resources - We provide health teaching resources, with health and fitness resources and tools at your disposal. These top health and fitness resources help you to be better fit.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/health-resources/health-assessments-calculators/ Health Risk Assessment, Health Calculator - A health risk assessment, including a health calculator are offered here. Your health risk assessment is the first step to understanding your health options.
  • http://www.livewellwinona.org/join-the-community/community-calendar/ Wellness Health Promotion Calendar, Health Promotion Activity - The Winona area wellness health promotion calendar features health promotion activity information. The wellness health promotion community calendar serves as the center of our health information resources.

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  • bojowa2 - Liquid and Gel. important to know the difference.

    I didn't know that there were two different kinds of Gorilla Glue, Liquid and Gel. I reorded the liquid that I needed in the first place and hope I will have a use for the Gel before it completely hardens in the bottle.

  • Kevin C - Works Great

    Product really works great. I've been dealing with since my Army days. My doctor said the prescription treatment isn't guaranteed and that the OTC stuff wouldn't work, (that was 8-9 years ago). I tried this and am seeing improvement and am very pleased.

  • CaptLE - Great product

    I've used this product in my two cycle yard equipment for years and have never had an issue with them. Great product...

  • Eddard S. - Good and bad...

    I purchased this a full year ago and therefore I feel like I've had a thorough experience to share with you guys.