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LYMPHOEDEMA SUPPORT NETWORK - The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) is a national UK charity which provides information and support to people with lymphoedema. It runs a telephone helpline, produces a quarterly newsletter and a wide range of fact sheets. It works to raise awareness of lymphoedema and campaigns for better national standards of care.

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  • Nicole G. - Old product.

    Have used this product before. This one seemed old and faded in from the sun and didn't work correctly. Probably somehow made the "gel" and "cream" not oxidize properly.

  • Maxine I - Not intuitive and has absolutely no security for such an expensive device

    I'm very disappointed and annoyed! I bought a new road bike and was strongly advised by my bike shop to buy this device as I ride alone many times and they felt that the turn by turn navigation was a must. I bought it mid-August and my issues are as follows:

  • Reece Zimm - DH approved

    Used these couple times a week for most of the summer. I do downhill mtb, and some motocross. For mtb these were fantastic, no tears, fingers stayed together, and no real issues. Protected my hands on a few falls, didn't slip around and fit well. I have large skinny hands and fingers, I got size Large and fit good.

  • youngentreprenuer - so far so good

    It has been two weeks of using this (1 tsp in the a.m. and 1 tsp in the p.m.). I dont mind the taste at all. I drink it alone. I bought this after reading that it helps the immune system. My immune system had been compromised because of something I had reintroduced to my diet thinking it could help me in my fitness goals. And it showed up through my skin in three rashes (two on the nose and one on the chin) as it always did in the past. I started the oil as soon as I received it. The oil seems to be providing some health benefits. It is not to easy to tell whether my skin is clearer because of this or the overall change in nutrition. I have always had blemishes from acne and hormonal acne. But now I am noticing and others also that my skin is more brighter and blemishes are pretty much faded. No signs of acne. This is the first time in many years that I have been extremely comfortable leaving home without makeup. Even though the areas where the rashes were they left dark spots, not even that bothers me because the rest of my skin is so clear and smooth. Like I said there could be other factors as well. But I have always been very active. I have just made a few diet changes to accomplish my current fitness goals.