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Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh - emibd.com - emibd that is Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh, is an online medical resource dedicated to offer detailed and current pharmaceutical information to serve healthcare professionals and people of Bangladesh. We own the most comprehensive Drug Index of Bangladesh that comprises necessary information regarding drug molecules of all therapeutic classes currently available in the country, and a dedicated team of mid-level* pharmacy professionals who work to cumulate the most recent healthcare updates. We consult world recognized medical references (e.g. FDA, MHRA, BNF etc.) and clinical studies to ensure reliability of the data we provide. All these enable us to provide reference data, news and educational support to communities of medical practitioners, pharmacists, patients and people who are keen to be enriched with health knowledge. emibd aims to serve healthcare professionals in the country by providing incredible tools to assist in their daily practice, and innovative services for patients as well. In addition to this, we are committed to support lifelong learning needs of healthcare professionals and consumers.

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  • Ali B. - Nothing Spectacular

    There really is nothing spectacular about this exfoliator and I thought there would be, due to the long list of skin helpers in it.

  • Heather D - This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use ...

    This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use it. This is the wider tooth comb and works much better with thicker hair.

  • Vermont Chick - More Contemporary Women's Fiction Than Thriller

    This was my Kindle First pick for October and I was ready for a psychological thriller involving a wronged wife. While the initial chapters provided a suspenseful introduction to the possibilities of how Evelyn, the wife, might seek revenge on her husband and his lover, the book was not a thriller. It did a good job of capturing the fears, confusion, pain, and disillusionment experienced by a woman who is the victim of an unfaithful husband. It presented her with a dilemma involving right and wrong and forced her to make decisions about a situation that threatened how the community would view her and her family. But there was no suspense or sense of real danger other than social rejection and embarrassment and the possibility that her husband would lose his license to practice medicine. While that would have been painful and disruptive, it was hardly tragic, especially since neither Evelyn nor her husband were particularly sympathetic characters and both needed to grow up.

  • John Scalice - Much more readable than the PDR

    I use this book to check up on the medications that my patients are using. It gives more practical info than the PDR and is much easier to digest.

  • Miss Lady - Comfortable but can be Challenging

    They are a bit unwieldy on insertion, but once in properly, they are comfortable and convenient. I'd just be careful because if they shift or aren't placed perfectly, they can spill and make a big mess!

  • Klick - Functional, but it could use some way to know when you've pumped the air out.

    So far, these have worked fine at preserving partial bottles of wine. However, I do have one complaint: there's no real way to tell when you've pumped most of the air out. The pump didn't get significantly more difficult to use, and there's no gauge showing air pressure (as there is on my other wine preserver), which means that you aren't even sure if it's working until you release some of the pressure.