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  • Porter84 - Couldn't be better!

    Many books on the nuclear threat are fear-mongering, shallow and written with a political twist. This book is the complete opposite.

  • Ron H. - Fun lights on a budget

    I ordered these solar string lights on request of my daughter who loves Halloween. I liked how they look so I figured I'd buy them for her as a gift prior to Halloween. When the package arrived and she asked me what was in the package I said you'll have to wait and see. As soon as I open the box inside the package she went nuts she grabbed the box from me and the lights and ran to her room. She started thinking of which way she would hang them in a room she couldn't figure out a way to put them the way she wanted them I think we're going to have to order another set to go all the way around a room what's need as it goes about halfway around her room with the solar pack right there at her window. Both her and I are very impressed with the way they look the quality of the lights seem to be very impressive like how well they hold up. My daughter even told someone at work she works about them and they're thinking about buying a couple to decorate the store. I'm looking forward to working with this seller again in the future.

  • Scott C. - I feel as though I had never been so sad and stressed in my entire life as I have ...

    As most of you know, parenting is very tough, especially when you throw an unhappy baby into the mix. I feel as though I had never been so sad and stressed in my entire life as I have been recently with an unhappy baby. I feel as though I don't want other parents to experience the same thing I have, so I am back to review Similac Alimentum in order to help those of you experiencing what I have..... So, here is my story..... I currently have a 2 year old and a 3 month old. My 2 year old was exclusively breastfed for one year with no problems, so as expected, I thought breastfeeding was amazingly easy and my new baby would have ZERO issues. Well, here comes along my newborn and right away I noticed things were different. Right at 2 weeks I noticed that he was never happy. He cried nonstop all day long, spit up a lot, arched his back, etc. He was especially unhappy within the first hour or so after nursing. I am also a nurse, so of course my mind went straight to medical reasons, such as acid reflux. I took him to his doctor and basically they told me he had colic and to continue to breastfeed as I was doing. This nonstop screaming (not an irritated scream, a full blown horror movie cry) continued for another two weeks. Back to the doctor. Baby was put on Zantac. Tried Zantac for two weeks and no change. At this time my husband and I were at a breaking point and were really high stressed as one can imagine. Back to the doctor, who still insists it is reflux and she changes the med to Prilosec. Took this for two weeks and no improvement. I researched colic thinking maybe my baby is just unhappy, but wasn't convinced since his crying was nonstop and not just certain hours of each day. Did research this time on my own and basically diagnosed my little guy with a milk intolerance. I didn't want to assume this was it without a physician's opinion, so back to the doctor we went. This was 6 weeks of nonstop crying. The doctor agreed that I would need to give up all milk products while breastfeeding to see if it was a problem, etc. I am a advocate for breastfeeding, so of course I agreed and gave up all milk. My baby was different after this- happy as can be. Occasionally had his moments, but mostly a changed man. Then, I noticed he started to get fussy a lot again. I started to research some of the things I was eating and found that milk was in weird stuff you'd never think it was in....Great.... It was then that my doctor gave me a sample of Alimentum to take home and see how he did..... This product saved my life and made my baby the happiest guy on the planet.... The first 24 hours on Alimentum I didn't see any changes. After 24 hours my baby was cooing, smiling, and stopped spitting up completely. He was so happy. I hate that I sound like I work for Similac, but I promise you this is a true story and want to share so others make the best decision for their children. My little one continues to drink Alimentum and is now exclusively formula fed. I cried for a few weeks about not breastfeeding, but have now accepted that I made the right decision and the pros of formula in this circumstance outweigh the cons..... Now, to talk about the price of Alimentum. Formula is so expensive. This is where we are struggling as well, which I'm sure most moms would after being able to feed their children free of charge. We spend about $120 per month on formula now and he is only 3 months..... I had to go back to work full time rather than part time to pay for this. I am only including this because I want to tell you if you join Similac Strong Moms they send you coupons. I received 4 or 5 coupons for $5 off in the mail a month ago. I know it isn't a ton of money, but obviously anything helps. Stongmoms also offers a program where you can build points to obtain free formula. I also just received a $16 free coupon for Similac and got it approved at 70% off if bought at a medical supply store through my insurance. At first they said no, but we were persistent and FINALLY got approval. Anyhow, I would strongly encourage those of you out there to try Alimentum if you are experiencing a baby that is inconsolable and unhappy. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I went close to 2 months with allowing him to suffer and am so guilty because of this. I hope this post helps others. I would LOVE to help other moms that are struggling because this was so hard for my family and I feel like Similac was a miracle for us.

  • A voracious reader - Wow!

    I was sure I'd love this book and it even exceeds my expectations. The artwork is *gorgeous*, with beautiful colors and fantastic realism.

  • musicman - Inexplicably, the pages for January 18 through February 4 ...

    Inexplicably, the pages for January 18 through February 4 were missing! I haven't looked through the rest of the calendar yet; hope I haven't lost any more days :-P.

  • Joshua James Duane Otis - The war to end all wars. But is it the FPS to end all FPS's in 2016?

    I've been playing Battlefield titles since my PS2 days with Modern Combat and while my fervor and passion for latenight FPS-fests may have dulled, my love for the series certainly hasn't. I had access to the beta for BF1 on my Xbox and found the multiplayer to be a solid mix of classic FPS elements with new gunplay tweaks to account for the historical backdrop in which the game takes place. DICE has always done a solid job of trying to incorporate feedback into patches and they managed to take most of my issues with the beta and work them out before the final release.

  • Arthur - Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would

    Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would, with no apparent damage. The notebook fired right up and, after getting rid of all the adware and unwanted programs, works as it should. Be aware that the memory cannot be upgraded as it is soldered into the motherboard. I should have researched this more thoroughly. Other than that I am satisfied with my new pc.