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Clinical data and imaging for better outcomes - M2S - Providing clinical data and imaging solutions for hospitals, physicians, device manufacturers, and medical societies

  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/clinical-registries/ Clinical Registries | Tracking & Analysis | M2S: Powering Healthy Data - M2S Provides Tracking & Analysis for 13 Clinical Registries, over 350 Facilities & Over 240,000 Procedures for Hospitals & Physicians Nationwide
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/clinical-registries/data-abstraction/ Increase PATHWAYS data entry efficiency - M2S is partnering with Q-Centrix, the industry leader in registry abstraction services, to support our registry clients with tools and support
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/clinical-registries/data-integration/ Simplify registry data capture with M2S EMR integration - M2S has partnered with select EMR vendors to support our registry customers, providing partial or full data integration using the M2S PATHWAYS clinical platform
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/datamining-custom-measurements/ Clinical Registries Data & Custom Measurement Data | M2S - M2S delivers clinical registries data and custom measurement data that support medical technology investigation.
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/datamining-custom-measurements/datamining-2/ Data-Mining or Datamining for Healthcare Providers | M2S - M2S Provides Valuable Data Using Data-Mining or Datamining to your vascular device R&D, marketing and project teams. View Details & Contact Online.
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/datamining-custom-measurements/special-projects-for-rd/ M2S measures complex anatomy for medical device R&D - 3D modeling/reconstructions and custom volume metric analysis of various anatomy including FEVAR/BEVAR, AAA, TAA, TAVR/TAVI, hearts, mitral valves, carotid artery, Circle of Willis, livers, kidneys and more.
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/pre-market-clinical-trials-post-approval-projects/ Effective device development with better data with M2S - We combine powerful data with cost effective and experienced project management to help lower costs, reduce administrative tasks and shorten development lead times.
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/pre-market-clinical-trials-post-approval-projects/clinical-trials-management-services/ Clinical Trials Management Services | M2S: Powering Healthy Data - M2S offers quality, cost-effective clinical trial image management to streamline clinical trials for Pilot, IDE, and post-market projects.
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/pre-market-clinical-trials-post-approval-projects/pre-market-and-post-approval/ More efficient medical device evaluation - M2S - M2S uses the clinical registry data on our M2S PATHWAYS platform to provide a more effective, real world basis for both pre-market and post-approval surveillance
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/pems-surveillaaance-service/ Endovasclular Patient Tracking Service | M2S - M2S: Powering Healthy Data Provides Patient Tracking Services Such as PEMS® & SurveillAAAnce. View Details & Contact Online for Details.
  • http://www.m2s.com/what-we-do/cardiovascular-imaging/preview/ Preview® Treatment Planning Software | M2S - Preview® Treatment Planning Software Provides Accurate, Alternative 2-dimensional images & 3-dimensional models of anatomy from an initial scan.
  • http://www.m2s.com/who-we-serve/healthcare-providers/ Better outcomes data for healthcare providers - M2S - The M2S PATHWAYS platform and analytics give you the tools to understand the outcomes
  • http://www.m2s.com/who-we-serve/device-manufacturers/ Helping device manufacturers with better data and services - M2s provides core lab services and clinical registries data to provide data, post-market and core lab services
  • http://www.m2s.com/who-we-serve/medical-societies/ Tracking outcomes with clinical registry data - M2S - Use the M2S PATHWAYS platform to track and analyze clinical data and develop best practice
  • http://www.m2s.com/who-we-are/working-here/ Work/life balance works for you at M2S - The people of M2S are goal-driven, enthusiastic problem solvers who thrive in an environment that that is both stable and established, but also has the dynamic feel of a startup tech firm.
  • http://www.m2s.com/who-we-are/benefits/ OUtstanding total rewards at M2S - Join the M2S family and enjoy both work and play in beautiful New Hampshire as well as a generous and flexible benefits package:
  • http://www.m2s.com/who-we-are/news/ M2S: Powering Healthy Data - Innovative technologies and services that empower hospitals, patients, providers, industry, regulators, and insurers
  • http://www.m2s.com/our-technology/pathways/ PATHWAYS Clinical Platform | M2S: Powering Healthy Data - PATHWAYS Clinical Platform from M2S is a s HIPAA-Compliant Web-Based SaaS System Offering Robust Data Collection, Exporting and Analysis.
  • http://www.m2s.com/our-technology/3d-cardiovascular-modeling/ 3D Cardiovascular Modeling | M2S: Powering Healthy Data - M2S Provides Quality 3D Models and Measurements for Cardiovascular Cases. View Details Online & Contact Us Online or by Phone for Details.

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  • Teri Demgen - this stuff does NOT work

    I bought this product based on all the great reviews it received from other buyers on Amazon. We have had a flea problem for months where we think they are all gone but then they all come back again. We've tried chemical sprays, giving our cat a bath with Dawn, keeping the cat outside, keeping him inside, flea collars, etc. So I was so excited to get something that was chemical free that was supposed to work so quickly. We sprayed our apartment the first time and while it does smell good, we noticed fleas about a day later. We rubbed it all over our cat and he was still scratching a day later. We decided to try it again. So we vacuumed, sprayed the rest of the bottle and went to work for the day. Just got home and vacuumed again, and there were TONS of LIVE fleas, big ones and little ones crawling around in the dust/hair from the vaccuming. We are now going to have to hire professionals as this is the last straw! All in all, this stuff does smell as good as everyone says, but it really is a waste of time and money. I'd like to talk to the people who used this and say it worked so well the first time!

  • Framerqueen, Mom and Gramma - Now I know

    An interesting collection of information - even a little story about my own state, Alabama. A quick read. I recommend the newsletter, "Now I Know", which is how I know about this book!

  • Earl Wallace - Great Buy!!!

    Great buy. Saved a lot of money by getting through you. Dealer programmed it and cut the key. If I lose it again, I'll be back.

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  • icanReadz - Bad advice

    I think this book misses the bigger issue. We shouldn't be just avoiding huge ships. We should be confronting them. If we spend our lives running away, the huge ships win.

  • Sergio - AMAZING CONSOLE!!

    I have had every Playstation and Xbox and this system blows every other console out of the water. The graphics are visually stunning and unmistakely the best I've seen so far. Even though the Xbox One is a great machine as well, the Playstation 4 just seems like it is the console that was created for gaming as its primary mission unlike the Xbox which makes you feel like Media is its goal.