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Madenta Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic Budapest - The Madenta Dental Clinic is one of the most prestigious, fastest growing dental clinic in Budapest.

Country:, Europe, HU

City: 18.259 Fejér, Hungary

  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT PURCHASE...zero customer service.

    Please do not purchase this product. My son's LeapPad Ultra will not turn on. I called "customer service" to troubleshoot and was told that the product was out of warranty but that I could receive a 25% discount on a new LeapFrog product. Really? No attempt whatsoever to solve the problem. I asked again if I could get some assistance with fixing the problem with my LeapPad. The representative put me on hold, returned to the line after a couple minutes and told me that after discussion with his supervisor, he could now offer me a 50% discount on a new product. I just want to fix the product I have. I don't want to buy a new product. And if they can't fix the product, just tell me that it isn't fixable. This is severely disappointing given the fact that I have, on multiple occasions, purchased several overly expensive apps. And yet when I call with an issue, LeapFrog didn't even give me the option to try to fix or give me tips on troubleshooting.

  • Gary - Feel Disappointed

    What I would like to know is why would xbox produce such a low quality Headset with such a expensive console. I love the console itself it is a high quality machine that is truly powerful.

  • M. Rawlings - Softcup Experiment Results

    I'm hearing quite a lot about these cup products lately. I received a sample of the Instead Softcup by mail and decided to put it to the test.

  • MommyMary - Makes great nachos! I wouldn't make tacos with it though.

    Makes great nachos and tostadas! I wouldn't make tacos with it though but I don't use ground beef for tacos anyways.

  • Bradley A. Swope - Not a Sequel to "Built to Last"

    REVIEW: How do you become "great"? Well, you study what the great do and emulate them. That's the point of "Good to Great". This book answers the question, "How does a good company become a great company?" The research team found 11 companies that met their stringent stock performance criteria exemplifying "good to great". Then they collected, filtered and studied tons of data on these companies and determined the patterns that explain how they became great companies. They distilled their findings in a fairly simple, easy to understand model having six components. I'm very often disappointed with models used is business books (note: this is not just a business book) but the models used here seemed natural and didn't come off as forced or too clever. While the book is based on very in-depth research, it does not read like a research report. The author has done an excellent job at bridging the gap between first rate research and a mass market audience. Many best sellers are "fad" books - this one is not. Highly recommended for those interested in organizational excellence.

  • MsKahuna - Nice, gentle liver cleanse

    I found these to be gentle. Generally, I have sensitivity issues with herbal products; this was not a problem for me (used for a short period of time).