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  • Jessy S. - but we have taken it out of the box and I have to say that this car seat is beautiful! The colors are so vibrant

    Update: THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT TO USE CAR SEAT EVER!!! It's so cute and has a great design but man is it NOT user friendly. Tightening the straps is ridiculously difficult and buckling my daughter in is beyond frustrating. We bought a Graco 4-Ever instead and it is amazing!

  • FCRichelieu - The Definitive Guide on Writing Style

    Little needs to be said about this book by Strunk and White. It is the definitive guide for anyone who cares about writing. I first read an earlier version more than 30 years. Although the book is quite compact, it has served as most useful reference for me all these years.

  • dextermcclane - Do not buy this machine

    I purchased this product because it came at a decent price point and had some decent reviews. I wasn't planning on doing any heaving work on it, just the occasional mending. The very first time I attempted to use it, all the workings in the bobbin case managed to slip free and caused the timing to be completely off. I got several quotes for repair from local repair shops and each one was basically the cost of the machine. One store owner then explained to me that the Singer company had basically been licensing their name to anyone who had the money. Guess these aren't the Singer machines I grew up watching my mother use.

  • ILoveMyDog - cranks out the heat

    Arrived the other day, and has already surpassed my expectations. Read up on some helpful tips to get this going properly. I slip this into my shirt pocket while walking to dog, and the inside of my jacket gets real comfortable. I bought several more of these as gifts for family and friends.

  • Wendy LeGrand - I want to be a part of Ryen and Misha's tribe!

    4.5 Stars. I was recently introduced to Penelope's books when I read Corrupt and was instantly enamored with her writing style, her ability to weave suspense and mystery through her stories.

  • Elizabeth Ferguson - Works well!

    I love this hot cream for cellulite, Muscle, pain relief. One of the main things that I really like about this product is that it is multipurpose and can be used for a few different things. This hot cream comes in an 8.8 ounce jar. In my opinion it is kind of strong, so a little goes a long way for me. The cream is tinted a little bit orange color. When I use this as a cellulite treatment, I mainly apply it on my butt, hips, and upper leg areas at night time. When I use it as a muscle rub, or for pain relief, I will apply it liberally to the area and massage it in. I think that this cream actually works very well for both purposes. It feels very nice on the skin and it tingles a little, So I know that it's working. I love the smell of this product, and there are a lot of essential oils incorporated into the ingredient list. It is mainly natural, but I don't like the harsh preservatives of the Tetrasodium EDTA (made from formaldehyde and sodium cyanide), and TEA (byproduct of the toxic substances, ethylene oxide and ammonia). Other than that, I do like the product and it works really well for my neck pain and for helping decrease my stretch marks on my body.

  • Thomas S. - Excellent set of floor mats

    Excellent set of floor mats. Will not buy anything else other than these. Worth their weight in gold protecting the floor.