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MEDICAL TRAVEL |Prague - Egg Donation, IVF, Plastic Surgery - A leading medical tourism agency located in Prague. We offer medical services for ICSI, egg donation, tummy tuck and other plastic surgery.

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  • Stan Higby - It is pretty good

    The one feature I could not find was the feature where you highlight a street and the name and address of the owners comes up. The text is so tiny a good pair of glasses is needed to see the text. Other than that, it is pretty good.

  • Mal B - Great design program

    I've used similar programs in the past and this is a great improvement. The stairs tool was very easy to use. Although I couldn't get everything exact it was good enough to develop an excellent walkthrough. Still plan on having an engineer/designer prepare the final drawings of the house. The tutorial videos were extremely helpful and make reading the details in the manual easier to follow.

  • Lonnie Taylor - Works good

    This product works like it says it does. I would recommend only using a little bit at first because it does burn some. And do not let it get on your nipples gentlemen. It does burn and rub them raw when you use it on your body. Just put bandaids on them and you are good to go.

  • dee rogers - Love these!!

    I love these deep conditioning hair packs. Since they come individually packaged, you have the perfect amount for your hair. They also include a hair cap with each treatment. I like to wear it and sleep in it all night long. Great for a really deep deep condition!!

  • William Scott - Prefect Grill for repainting near OEM Paint!

    I purchased this grill actually to replace a sub-standard one which I had gotten. This grill's finish is smooth which is PERFECT to prep for painting. Other grills which I have seen required two hours of prep before they were ready to shot with colour. This one, being a smooth finish, allowed for quicker time prepping to scuff before applying DBC base coat and then the clear. Grill looks AWESOME! Since this is plastic the colour will never be a match to any part which was metal underneath, but it is very, very close. Very happy with the outcome and will HIGHLY recommend this Grill. Thank you for an excellent product.