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  • Damaris - Wondfo and Clearblue Easy have been showing nice dark lines since 10DPO

    These used to be fabulous. They used to be my go to pregnancy test (3 previous pregnancies). I don't know what they changed but these took forever to show positive and when they did, took forever to develop. Wondfo and Clearblue Easy have been showing nice dark lines since 10DPO. These are just sucking lately, especially if you're using them to see your line get darker so you don't stress.

  • kesha - Never Again

    The Crystal Radio Kit that I ordered is great. It came from Best Service Store. Ha Ha Ha That's not the right name for them. My product was ordered on July 29, 2011, it was lost. I had to contact to store, they did ship it out, but they ship the wrong item. I did finally receive the right item August 28, 2011 almost a month later. I needed this item for a class and this company caused me to lose point off my grade. I would order this product again just not from this store.

  • G. Hayden - I have used this software for 15 years, and it has gotten steadily gotten worse, I Hate this product and want different product

    I used to like how quicken was fairly easy to use. Not anymore. they are upgrading features without working the bugs out of the software to make sure everything works correctly! I upgraded from quicken 2010 rental property manager to 2013 rental property manager. memorized transactions do not work and I lost data. Of course when you need help you have to search for a phone number, that once you call you wait in que for a long time, only to be directed to India and trying to understand a foreign dialect, who is not even a level 1 trainee. Broken promises for returned calls, lack of knowledge, NO USA SUPPORT. NO RETURN CALLS, I CURRENTLY HAVE 3 INCIDENT NUMBERS AND WAS WAITING FOR A RETURN CALL TODAY FROM SUPPORT THAT OF COURSE NEVER CAME. I am looking for another software vendor, Intuit has really gone downhill

  • Phillip - Great for women and especially men who want a lather and foamy hair wash...

    Well, I loved the shampoo on my stay at Hilton Minneapolis so got this with my Amazon rewards. Well, this a very large bottle which was reasonably priced. This has a very good foaming and lather so a little goes a long way. So, I only recommend to squeeze a small pea size into your hand and then work it into your hair. This shampoo doesn't have a floral scent so great for guys. Overall, I think both men and women will enjoy this shampoo.

  • Tonya Elliott - Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture

    Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture. Setup was fast and easy. Most difficult part of set up was getting the code to work on my universal remote. It has good options for picture quality adjustments and sound adjustments. When watching sports it brings the sportscaster voice to the front and the crowd noise is in the background. Picture is crisp and clear.