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  • Angel Zero - Great Entry Level Dual Sport, One Glaring Downside

    I bought this bike back in late August 2013, had a car accident which led me to be unable to use it for a few months, but I'm getting back to biking and have hit 300 miles total with this back. It's my first good quality bike that I've had since I was 11, and I had a walmart bike which I promptly returned right after ordering this online from Bike Nashbar on a sale (totaled $360 at that time). I'm a programmer and know how to build computers, so I thought why not bikes as well? My purpose was at first for recreational, but then, the aspect of riding occasional simple trails coupled with usual road riding attracted me to have dual sport as my first real bike. Which comes down to features I was looking for, 1) gearing for the major climbs in my city, 2) disk brakes if I was going to ride in the rain, 3) suspension for the occasional trails, 4) not very heavy.

  • Patricia A. Conti - absolutly an awesome product

    I uave waste length hair and hate to use harsh store products. I was looking for a great nurishing product that made your hair shiney and healthy. This product does all and more.My hair is healthier than it has been in years!

  • B. Leed - Worked!

    I selected the qcarbo 32 because my toxin intake was moderate but I was overweight. I refrained for 6 days before taking a pre-employment drug screen. On the day of the drug screen, I took a home detection test which proved positive. This is how I did it-- I kept hydrated a few days leading up to the test, on the day of the test, I drink about 16 oz. water before beginning the cleanse. I drank the entire bottle (tropical flavor) and a short time later, I went to the bathroom. Over the course of 2 hours, I went 3 times. I am happy to say that it worked for me and I would recommend this product!

  • Wingnut - It's ok, could've and should've been alot better.

    It was fun to watch but inconsistent, I guess the director doesn't think the audience pays attention to details. Example below:

  • Shelby - Great price

    I bought one of the Vans Warped Tour CDs a few years ago in a store, but when I bought this one on-line, it was cheaper and had the same quality.

  • Murphgirl - Handsome Jacket for Hubby

    My husband saw our daughter wearing the women's version on a drizzly day in Seattle and thought it looked so good on her he wondered out loud if there was a men's version. On his next birthday he found out that there was! It is a very smart looking lightweight windbreaker/rain jacket that is incredibly easy to pack and carry. I described it as a little large for it's sizing but that was a tough call. It's just slightly roomier but he likes it that way and of course if he needs to wear a sweater underneath, it will be more comfortable. Nice buy!

  • Ewaskimo - Overall, good

    Comfortable, but a bit too small. I got the large and the end of my palm (part that would hit the ground in a fall) is on the soft part of the glove. Aside from the size, feels nice, seems durable for grip on handles and brakes. The main part seems like it will hold up in a fall. Only downside is the outer velcro strap is already falling off after a couple rides.