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  • Matthew Frires - ... you in the right direction but there is a good chunk that is just WRONG

    The information points you in the right direction but there is a good chunk that is just WRONG. Check the pyrimidines and purines.. this guide gets them completely backwards. Best bet to go with ATI sanctioned study guide

  • TigerNavin - It's still fun, though

    Lots of trouble sighting it in. You can't use the scope. You just have to use the cross hairs on the screen. It's still fun, though. Just not what I expected.

  • PA Mom - SO COOL!

    I have horrible, horrible dry feet from working in a restaurant years ago. I have sanded, sliced, soaked, pedicured, prayed... everything I could think of to get rid of the ugliness on my feet and this product is miraculous.

  • Clint Richards - WOW...so far, so good.

    After seeing the DATELINE review of hair growth products I decided the HAIRMAX LASERCOMB would be the one for me. I've tried both the other OTC hair growth products (Propecia & Minoxodil) to no avail. If this doesn't work I'll go w/a transplant. But I have to tell you, this product IS working. I've had it about 60 days and used it every other day religiously. I've had many comments about my hair looking fuller. My only concern, and I've seen this on other sites, is headaches the next morning if I do a treatment @ night before bed. I'm still unsure if it's even remotely related, but as I stated, I'm not the only one. However, I plan on just using it in the mornings from now on. So far, so good!

  • Annette Biomdo - SOY Product.

    The product is FIiLLED with SOY. Women are NOT supposed to take Soy or Soy products. Especially with Cancer in their Family!!! I would like to return & get my money back. And the Product should State on the Ptiduct it is a SOY Product!!!

  • Douglas F. Pendleton II - To much work for one drink.

    I could tell a difference but not worth the time to run through machine and the have to clean the machine.

  • Jessy S. - but we have taken it out of the box and I have to say that this car seat is beautiful! The colors are so vibrant

    Update: THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT TO USE CAR SEAT EVER!!! It's so cute and has a great design but man is it NOT user friendly. Tightening the straps is ridiculously difficult and buckling my daughter in is beyond frustrating. We bought a Graco 4-Ever instead and it is amazing!