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  • A.J. - and it is super easy to install

    this is one heavy duty bumper. it's a hundred and four pounds, and it is super easy to install. I install the bumper myself in about an hour. the best thing of all is the weight on the back of the truck.I used to spin the back tires in the rain get sideways ever since I got that bumper it sticks. it's the best thing I've put on my truck so far.

  • Robert S. - great product, does not use any system resources to speak of.

    Have used this product now for three years. I think it is the best anti-virus/anti-malware product I have ever used. Does not use hardly any system resources, is always up to date, scans fast and I mean really fast. A couple of minutes and it is done, other mainstream products I have used take hours to do a full scan and it is impossible to use the computer while they are actively scanning. With this product I only know it is there when it detects a threat and then it eliminates it and performs a system scan to verify; and it does it in minutes. Unless they screw it up in the future I will continue to use this product.

  • Matt - Very underrated fiction author!

    I don't understand why there is so much hate for this book. In my opinion this is the best spinoff of "50 Shades of Grey" yet! Cory truly captures the everyday moral dilemmas faced by sadomasochists everywhere and shows that through political power brokering even the most inhumane narcissist can find their place in normal society by forcing everyone else to accede to misogynistic values through the Australian political system.

  • Amazon Customer - Great value!

    I got this for my uncle who is a beer lover. We live in Colorado where there are a ton of small breweries and lots of different types of beer and he loves this kit. It is not complex at all and comes with instructions on how to brew each batch. Every time I see him he tells me how much he enjoys it and how much use he has gotten out of it. It is definitely a great value for the cost.

  • dimitris - it is ok i guess

    it gets repetive t times.good story in general but inconsistent in alot of ways like it is supposed to be in the future but many of the technology they use are ancient in this universe which is 200 yera from now. further than that it is quit enjoyable wexpirience thwe story is good but i think it could hve been better if there was more interactions with aliens since they have faster than light travel and advanced technologies

  • S. Ram. - Pass on this book if you want a high GRE score

    I relied on this book and its online practice exams as my only GRE prep material. I took all the practice exams in the book and online and felt comfortable with the quantitative section. However, my score (151 Verbal, 158 Math, Writing 4.0) was not very satisfactory. I can only recommend this book if you are trying to achieve a mediocre GRE score and here is why:

  • Patrick E. - Waste of money

    (Update 11/15/2015) I installed the latest Asus firmware from earlier in November. That, by itself, pretty much killed off whatever functionality this router had so DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE. Now I have laptops not even able to get a wireless signal, or far reduced, and none of the other problems I have had with this router have improved. In fact, I signed onto its admin interface (via wired connection) after the update, and even though the traffic monitor showed barely any traffic (in the KB/sec) page loads dragged... on... for... seconds... I have five computers and switched three of them to wired (had to string some CAT6a) - no improvement. So - without any other changes except this firmware update - leading to its already-poor performance getting much worse, I have begrudgingly concluded that I wasted $180 on Asus hardware. Very frustrating, since I work from home and this is a real problem for me as I need decent internet access.