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  • djpurvis - A must have

    This really helps with steadying your strokes with a rattle can when shooting on something versus pressing down with your finger. If youa re going to paint something valuable, then you really should get this to help apply evenly.

  • Richard I Low - A first class page turner. Excellent research on inmates,guards, lawyers and court system. 5 stars. Recommend this to lawyer thr

    Courts and lawyers. Fans of lawyer thrillers will love this book. Darren Street ,the hero, has staying power as a recurring character. Looking for sequel. Recommend it to those who like well written tales by lawyers about lawyers.

  • Cass G - Great Cookware Set

    You really can't go wrong with this set, I've had it for 4 years now and have roommates so these pots and pans are used very heavily, I also always wash them in the dishwasher, even though I guess your not supposed to and they've held up very well, I expect to be using them for a long time to come, this set is a great deal for the money, it has everything you need for daily cooking of pretty much anything, the nonstick surface holds up really well after 4years of heavy usage, its a quality set that's built to last, as long as you don't cook with metal forks.

  • kid at heart - Love this but.......

    I bought this product six months ago and really like it, but......... In the past couple of months bristles have started falling out and there is now a significant area with no bristles at all. As a result, I have gotten several nasty burns! Based on the fact that I have not seen another customer review noting this problem, I am going to reorder. Fingers crossed I get a good one this time!

  • cakencookiemaker - Works well~

    As floss goes, this is pretty good stuff! And I feel really good about what I am putting in my mouth. This floss seems to have a little grit to it, more like what they use at the dentists office. And it's definitely not the thin strip slick type floss that glides through your teeth.

  • Martin H. Gonzalez - Excellent

    Two years and counting. Very well built. Light and easy to carry, straps are very comfortable. It's got "magical" pockets: everything fits. It stands perfect both on grass and concrete. Would buy it again for sure.