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MORC Home Care - MORC Home Care provides comprehensive services for seniors and individuals with disabilities to help them live in their own home instead of a nursing home.

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  • rippend - Love this Chair

    This chair is the easiest thing to use. It's great to keep in the car and have something safe to place our baby in. I love it because it brings her up to our level and she can see what is going on. This also makes sitting at tables that are higher off the ground a breeze as you just strap it right to the table. We have not had any problems with this chair and we recommend it to everyone we know.

  • CarolinaRN - Makes ya love your pet a whole lot more...

    I do love this cleaner. If you've got pets, this stuff deserves a reserved spot in your cleaning cabinet! It cleans poop, pee, vomit, blood, and I'm pretty sure any other bodily fluid you can think of. All you do is clean up the larger part of the mess and spray this til it's saturated. Let it sit, just leave it be. I leave it alone for a good hour or so and come back to check. In most cases it's gone, just POOF. Magic...really. If you really MUST wipe, then take a paper towel and lay it down on top of the sprayed/saturated stain. At least this way you'll know where the stain was when you come back to check on it. OH, and if you've got a dog who loves to rip up paper, I suggest you cover it up with something....like a larger towel. Even tho this stuff is safe you really don't want your pup eating the saturated paper towel...

  • Amazon Customer - This is a beautiful and we'll made pack

    This is a beautiful and we'll made pack. Fits comfortably too. I bought this for my son to take to Hawaii in December as he'll be going on hikes. He really likes this pack!

  • 50+ Years a Fan! - 50+ Years a Fan!

    I was 15 when this film was first shown, in 1951, and I have watched it as often as possible, ever since. Since the advent of home video machines, I have watched it every year, and not only at Christmastime. In my opinion, this production of A Christmas Carol is by far the best one ever done. The direction and casting were brilliant, the supporting cast was excellent, and Alastair Sim was/is the quintessential Scrooge. I doubt that anyone else could ever equal Sim's masterful portrayal, both subtle and powerful, poignent and moving. He truly brought Scrooge to life. Who could possibly forget the joyful awakening on Christmas morning? And, for that matter, who could forget actor Mervyn Johns' portrayal of Bob Cratchit, as he was greeted by Scrooge upon his late arrival at work the following morning? Perfect and priceless! A superb film!

  • kharmadog - All of my concerns allayed by actually getting it!

    Okay, I don't have much money, and I was skeptical about this product because of complaints about the build, etc. Let's just say this is not a regular blender. Making a smoothies in some of my old blenders was similar to using a leaf blower in the kitchen. And about as effective. This thing is powerful. I'm w clutz. I have challenged the max line rule to the limit, and have never had a leak. There is no excuse about being too tired to prepare an outstanding meal for yourself. Three minutes tops to the best food you can give yourself. Very little prep. I feel so much better. I am losing weight gradually, and at 51, I look alive. My partner says I am radiant. This entire experience is causing me to consider a change from my grueling and increasingly miserable career as a high school English teacher, and becoming a health coach and esthetician. I bought mine at target for 89 dollars, on sale. My two teenage kids have been drawn in by the device, and without encouragement are making blasts once or twice a day. Processed food is beginning to seem gross to them, as well. All in all, all I can say, is that I was really worried that I was blowing a chunck of change on another gadget that is just useless. You can clean so easily, the machine is quality, and fun and easy to use. I will stop my rant now.:)