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Psychotherapy for Emotional Self-Regulation - Dr. LaCombe, Psychologist and psychotherapist, reveals the power of self-regulating techniques (SRT) for becoming emotional stronger, less fear-based and more like yourself than ever. Consider SRT for getting more relief from your psychotherapy. I'm here to help.

  • http://www.myshrink.com/counseling.php Transformation with a different Counseling Approach - Approach counseling from a different perspective, one that can expand the vision of your life. Here's the good, better and best rendition of your counseling goal.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/human-nervous-system.php How to be Emotionally Strong - Yes, it's possible to train your brain so you're emotionally stronger. Look for several juicy bits on how you can optimize your brain for emotional strength.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/counseling-theories.php Listings of Counseling Theories - User friendly neuroscience and its impact on counseling theories including how we think about therapy in the future.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/anxiety-attack-symptoms.php Anxiety Attack Symptoms - Anxiety attack symptoms appear to arise out of no where for no apparent reason. Learn why...
  • http://www.myshrink.com/signs-of-depression.php Signs of Depression - Look for these signs of depression to determine if you are suffering from depression. No one need suffer needlessly.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/types-of-counselors.php What is a psychotherapist? - You'll be surprised by the variety of types of psychotherapists. Here's a listing including designations defined.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/tips-on-counseling.php Tips on Counseling - Here are tips on counseling to answer any question you may have about going to therapy and how it all works.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/free-affirmations.php Free Affirmations - Most people don't use affirmations in the most effective way. Try these free ones using my instructions and see how it feels.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/therapy-working.php How does psychotherapy work when it's working? - Learn the essentials of how psychotherapy works from psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Suzanne LaCombe. Be an educated consumer and know what you can expect.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/what-is-RSS.php What is RSS? - Here's a few reasons why RSS will help make your surfing easier. Subscribe to feeds from your favorite sites.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/effective-counseling.php Effective Counseling - As a client, how do you know you're receiving effective counseling? Here are a few concepts you might want to know about.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/free-web-page.php Professional Counseling Service - Do you provide a professional counseling service? I'm offering a free web page to psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, bodyworkers and other allied health professionals.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/editorial-board.php MyShrink's Advisory Board - The MyShrink Advisory Board serves to assure that the quality of the content is of the highest standard.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/online-crisis-counseling.php Free Online Crisis Counseling - Need to talk? Check out these anonymous online crisis counseling services available 24/7. Also...why people call crisis lines.
  • http://www.myshrink.com/site-map.php All About Counseling at MyShrink - Everything you might want to know about counseling...tips, faq's, what to expect, how to find effective counseling and choosing a therapist.

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  • swiss - street atlas.

    This street atlas works ok but is not very user friendly. I have a copy of a older version and it was so much easier to use than this version.It does work but be prepared for it to be a little harder to use.

  • Christa Haight - Not worth the hassle

    I've been dyeing my hair for 15 years, I know how to dye my hair. Nothing before has been such a messy experience. There wasn't enough bleach in the kit to do more than my bangs and the dye stained EVERYTHING. My scalp is still purple where a bit dripped, two weeks later. It runs out every time it rains or I sweat and I'm looking forward to it wearing off.

  • Melinda Gordon - Really really sucks out boogers

    Man it gets some boogers out. It's gentle but powerful. I only use it if the little ones aren't clearing their noses because I'm noticing that my grand babies are starting to really hate the vacuum now.

  • Melissa Dodds - Binding fell apart within two uses.

    I've have opened this book twice and the binding is already coming apart. This is pathetic McGraw Hill.

  • B. Ross - a waste of time and money

    I have installed Microsoft Outlook 2003 on multiple computers but Outlook 2010 on Windows 8 was unmanageable. I tried calling Microsoft for help.......forget it.

  • Kirti - Writing with style.

    It is an interesting book on writing. I have not read most of it as yet. From cursory viewing, it seems like a good and useful work.