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2nd Annual Naples Diabetes Conference - 2nd Annual Naples Diabetes Conference is the largest talk if its kind in Southwest Florida. It combines the latest in diabetes treatment, prevention and research from the industries best professionals. Open to the public.

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  • Amanda - This WILL prevent stretch marks.

    When I got pregnant I gained 70 pounds (I know...) Long story short, I put this on my belly religiously everyday as soon as I started to show (around 10-12 weeks). I used it the entire pregnancy and I never got one single stretch mark on my stomach (and it was huge). I know it was the cream because I got stretch marks everywhere else that I didn't use the cream (breasts, thighs, hips, buttocks, etc.). Stupidly, I only thought of the belly as an area to worry about. (I guess if you don't gain 70 pounds it's no big deal!) Anyway, my skin on my stomach is completely flawless but everywhere else is a nightmare! Do yourself a favor and put this on everyday. Also, learn from my mistake and put it on all the areas that will grow!

  • Andrew Portner - A Tease And A Disappointment

    If I had reviewed this game a couple years ago, it would have gotten 5 stars. It promised a lot of really creative things, a unique and interactive world full of shared user-generated content and a game engine that would automatically render whatever sort of creature you created. Even more, it promised a series of FIVE sepparate sub-genre games in one, from flOw to Civilization and beyond. It all sounded amazing.

  • NYC Amazonian - Wishing and Hoping for the Best; At Least it Provides Some Hope?

    I hate to complain about the smell, but rosemary is not the most appealing scent, if applied as a spray. Sure, some rosemary bread is delicious, but you don't find it in the perfume isle for a reason.