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Northeast Radiology | - Our latest TV spots Medical Diagnostic Excellence Your doctor sends you to the radiologist for an accurate diagnosis. It is your choice to go

  • http://www.nerad.com/location/ Locations | Northeast Radiology - Location/Service Brewster, NY Mount Kisco, NY Danbury, CT New Milford, CT High Field MRI Open MRI High Field Extremity Open
  • http://www.nerad.com/about-nerad/ About Us | Northeast Radiology - Northeast Radiology is the regional leader in high quality, premium service and high value medical imaging.
  • http://www.nerad.com/our-physicians/ Our Physicians | Northeast Radiology - Brittany Branson, M.D. American Board of Radiology Eligible Radiologist Musculoskeletal and Body ImagingM.D. (2010) New York University School of
  • http://www.nerad.com/exam-information/ Exam Information | Northeast Radiology - Northeast Radiology offers the full range of medical imaging services. All of our equipment is 100% digital so we can send your records to your other health
  • http://www.nerad.com/mri/ MRI | Northeast Radiology - MRI medical imaging uses no radiation and is non-invasive. An MRI creates detailed pictures of almost all internal body parts including bones, soft tissues and
  • http://www.nerad.com/cat-scan/ CT Scan | Northeast Radiology - CT scanning is a pain-free, non-invasive medical imaging test that enables your radiologist and referring physician to diagnose and treat internal medical
  • http://www.nerad.com/petct/ PET/CT | Northeast Radiology - Positron Emission Tomography – Computed Tomography (PET/CT) Scanning Positron Emission Tomography with Computed Tomography, or PET/CT for short, combines two
  • http://www.nerad.com/nuclear-medicine/ Nuclear Medicine | Northeast Radiology - Body and Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Nuclear medicine testing uses a small dose of radioactive material to obtain images of various organ systems. About
  • http://www.nerad.com/fluoroscopy/ Fluoroscopy | Northeast Radiology - Fluoroscopy is a specialized form of x-ray that uses a fluoroscope to rapidly create images to capture motion. Our specialty trained radiologists use
  • http://www.nerad.com/digital-x-ray/ Digital X-Ray | Northeast Radiology - Digital X-Ray X-ray, also known as radiography, is the oldest and most commonly used form of medical imaging. X-ray is non-invasive and painless. About
  • http://www.nerad.com/ultrasound/ Ultrasound | Northeast Radiology - Ultrasound, also known as sonography, uses sound waves to create images of the body. About Ultrasound Ultrasound uses no radiation and is
  • http://www.nerad.com/3-d-mammography/ 3-D Mammography | Northeast Radiology - Northeast Radiology is upgrading our mammography department to 3-D imaging. At the present time, 3D mammography is available at our Brewster and Mount Kisco loc
  • http://www.nerad.com/digital-mammography/ Digital Mammography | Northeast Radiology - Digital Mammography With computer aided detection (CADX) Mammography is a low dose form of x-ray used in detection of breast cancer and other diseases of the
  • http://www.nerad.com/bone-densitometry/ Bone Densitometry (DEXA) | Northeast Radiology - Bone density scanning, known commonly as DEXA, is a noninvasive extremely low dose specialized x-ray examination used primarily to measure bone loss. A DEXA
  • http://www.nerad.com/biopsies/ Biopsies | Northeast Radiology - Biopsies involve the removal of tissue so it can be examined by a pathologist for disease. At Northeast Radiology biopsies are performed by our specialty
  • http://www.nerad.com/procedures/ Procedures | Northeast Radiology - Procedures performed by our radiologists take advantage of our sophisticated imaging technologies to allow them to guide, in real time, a needle to a very
  • http://www.nerad.com/lung-cancer-screening/ Lung Cancer Screening | Northeast Radiology - As a smoker, you should be aware that you are at an increased risk for lung cancer – but you may not be aware that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer
  • http://www.nerad.com/patients/ Patients | Northeast Radiology - Northeast Radiology’s focus has always been on our patients. We do our best to make imaging tests as friendly, safe, and convenient as possible. Thank you for
  • http://www.nerad.com/exam-prep/ Exam Preparation | Northeast Radiology - Patient Preps MRIYou will be called by our Radiology aide or front desk personnel and interviewed prior to your scheduled examination.  Any required preps
  • http://www.nerad.com/schedule-exam/ Schedule Exam | Northeast Radiology - When you call for an appointment, you will be connected with our scheduling department.  They will ask for information regarding the purpose of your visit, and
  • http://www.nerad.com/forms1/ Forms | Northeast Radiology - For your convenience, the following forms are available to be printed from your computer and filled out prior to your appointment.  You can bring them with you
  • http://www.nerad.com/resultsnow/ Results Now | Northeast Radiology - We understand that waiting for the results of your imaging test may cause you significant anxiety. We believe it is your right to know your results. Our Results
  • http://www.nerad.com/fairly-priced-imaging-services/ Fairly Priced Imaging Services | Northeast Radiology - It is to your financial advantage to learn what testing will cost you before you schedule a medical imaging appointment: Northeast Radiology accepts most
  • http://www.nerad.com/commitment-to-safety/ Commitment to Safety | Northeast Radiology - There are four components to our commitment to safety during medical imaging procedures at Northeast Radiology Determining the appropriate

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