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  • shirley j dyer - I came across this product online and am very pleased with the results

    I have been not able to find a flea medicine that works any more, since the removal of the toxic substance was removed from all flea products due to harm to animals. I came across this product online and am very pleased with the results. I have to reapply every 3-5 days during flea season, but it is worth it. It will not harm my animals and they don't seem to mind it as much as the commercial flea products. I highly recommend this product.

  • lisa royster - love being able to see college sports from this side ...

    I love being able to see college sports from this side of the United States. Before, I saw a few games from schools close to us here and there but primarily east coast etc sports. I also like the content, i like media day etc. I was expecting the show to be more "local public television" style, but it is done really well. They have docu-shows following specific football teams, they have post game reports, weekly reports, the analysts are professional. You get to know about different student-athletes, alumni, current students etc. You learn so much about the colleges. They cover just about every sport they can.

  • David - The oil scents are ok,

    I compared the Lavender and Tea Tree to a previous set by "now" and these smelled borderline bad, I wasn't crazy about any of the other ones either. Lemongrass and Orange smelled synthetically sweet, but for the price I guess I can't complain much.. Likely will buy individual ones from Mothers Market or Whole Foods from now on though.

  • Very Helpful! - Very Helpful!

    A friend recommended this book to me, and I must say it is a very good tool for anyone seeking to understand the relationship between food and the body. It serves as a guide to learning how insulin affects fat, and includes balanced eating methods, strategies for eating right, recipes, and even recommended snacks. The book offers unique useful tips and answers questions like How much protein is too much? and What types of fat are good for you? One tip I found interesting was the "two-hour fat window," in which the authors recommend you "eat frequently and think small" because the body will either use carbohydrates as energy or turn them into fat, so you must be careful not to eat more carbohydrates than your body can use for energy in a two-hour time period. The book also includes self-tests so you can better understand your body and its dietary needs. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching for a healthy, balanced way to lose weight, and anyone who is searching for a healthy, balanced way of eating.

  • rbenny - Save your money

    This stuff does not work. I live on Long Island where the black streaking on the roofs where not much sun is seen is wide spread. I applied Spray and Forget back in October using the $45 SF-SPRAYER | Custom Hose End Application Sprayer purchased directly from Spray and Forget using the recommended 5:1 mix ratio.

  • Donald H. - Based on past personal experience, I highly recommend

    My first Norelco (model 3405 LC) I received in December 1996 and just replaced it last month with this one. It was an electric. I don't think cordless rechargeables were available back then. It was made of the exact same material as this new model, but it didn't have individual floating heads that smoothly glide over contours of the face. I can't believe how quietly it hums compared to my old electric, so it's quite energy efficient. This shaver needs a full 8-hours to charge and provides 35 minutes of use for the S1560 model. While charging, the indicator light blinks green. Upon a full charge, the light is a steady green. When the battery has less than 5 minutes of shaving time left, the light blinks orange. I used it for 33 days before needing to recharge for the first time. A disadvantage is that this shaver will not operate while plugged in; it will only run off of the battery. The best feature is that you can rinse and thoroughly clean by running hot water over the shaver heads (circular cutting blades). It's water tight, but shouldn't be submerged, though. By cleaning the shaver heads daily, it puts less operating strain on the shaver and extends its life. With my old electric, I had to use a brush to clean hair debris and it was time consuming and I could only partially clean. I would have preferred an electric, because the lithium-ion battery can't be replaced. However, a shaver (model 3100) powered by either electricity or battery is available for $49.95 and is probably a better purchase. So I may not get as much use from this new model as I did with my first Norelco. It has provided me with two decades of reliable use, and as a loyal customer, I have to recommend this product.