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  • David Van Der Heide - Its a lie

    This product is fairly decent but it is not an all in one at all. For instance it claims that it replaces an electrolyte drink. It contains 2% daily value of sodium and 1% daily value of potassium in one serving. That is not replacing, and if it does that poorly at replacing one drink, it really makes you wonder about the other claims. Highly disappointed and not close to the $200 value they claim.

  • Danielle - Love them. Easy to use

    I bought two of these for my boyfriend and I to try out. Love them. Easy to use, and everywhere I get a compliment on it. So easy to use, the night before i put in whatever fruit I'm in the mood for, place it in my refrigerator, and its ready to go the next day. Through out the day i refill it with the sam fruit, and discard the fruit at the end of the day to make a new one. The best part is it is super easy to clean. No hassle at all.