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  • Tamika - Amazing

    I love this album! The lyrics, the beats, the samples that were used, the melodies, and the overalll concept of this album. J. Cole never disappoints, ever! I think that this album has something for everybody and it has peaked an interest in people that weren't Cole listeners. He also converted new fans from this album and sparked debates on social media on his take of the 'white-washing' of hip-hop. My faves on this album in no particular order are: January 28, Fire Squad, Apparently, No Role Modelz. Even though those are my favorites, I play this album all the way through, even the closing credits/thank you's. Also peep his Angie Martinez interview: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YJgppo9Vpkw

  • Her Royal Peepness Princess HoneyBunny Blayze - Perfect Salsa =)

    This Pace Chunky medium salsa is my favorite salsa because I find it to be the perfect balance between spicy heat and a milder salsa. That I find can be for me too mild. I love to use it in many of my favorite recipes, from Mexican layer dip, southwest chicken bake, to my favorite Mexican meatloaf. I also you it for a topping for tacos, baked potatoes, as well as eating it with my favorite chips. I also use this with Velveeta cheese for their famous salts and cheese dip. I would highly recommend this Pace salsa.

  • Amazon Customer - This was a great substitution for my lacrosse intolerant self

    This was a great substitution for my lacrosse intolerant self, until 20 minutes later when it made me even more sick than real cheese does Bummer. I hope results vary.

  • jimbe - Great version for adults, not children

    This is a great version for adults - it is complete and an original translation. However, it is not for children. For starters - there are NO illustrations (not sure why there are any reviews saying there are pictures in this edition, there aren't). Also, the language is old and difficult for children.

  • Morgan Lambert - I actually like the smell and the cool tingling feeling

    I saw a noticeable decrease in breakouts on my back within the first week of using this body wash. It's the most effective when it's the last thing you use before getting out of the shower. I actually like the smell and the cool tingling feeling, which makes me think it's working. My only complaint is the shape of the bottle/ tube, it's really easy to use too much.

  • jimboS - Perfect

    Used this to glue a guitar bridge, when previous attempts with other glues had failed miserably. Works just like hide glue without any of the fuss or mess!

  • BobA - Excellent and well researched

    This is a well researched, good reading account of Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated Endurance voyage which was the Weddell-side of the "Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition" the other half being the vessel Aurora in McMurdo Sound and which does a nice job of helping the reader to come to know the men, the dogs and Shackleton himself.