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  • K. Griffin - Great product - had several shipping issues

    The product is great. But out of the 3 I have ordered I've had to return 2 due to the safety seal being broken and the product was all crusted over and dried up (it's a liquid product). Since this is for my infant I always check the safety seal before opening. The two that were broken were obvious since it caused the product to dry out and was leaked everywhere. I would consider this a shipping issue and not a product issue so I still gave the product 5 stars. I believe it does help my infants colic and digestive tract.

  • HKinVA - greaT MAT

    The mat is nice and thick and works great. Doesn't seem overly heavy. Hopefully it won't wear out as fast as the thinner ones. I've had it for several months and use it daily. That's about all I can say about a simple mat.