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New Jersey Drug Rehab & Alcohol Addiction Treatment | Park Bench - Get the help you deserve. Park Bench Group offers day treatment & outpatient drug & alcohol rehab programs for those with addiction. Start treatment today.

  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/ Addiction Treatment Programs & Sevices | Park Bench Group - Park Bench Group offers drug and alcohol rehab programs for adults and adolescents. Customized programs can include individual and family counseling.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/drug-addiction-treatment/ Drug Addiction and Treatment Programs | Park Bench Group - Park Bench Group offers a full range of drug addiction treatment program options. Our approach teaches clients how to live a sober life. Learn more.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/alcohol-addiction-treatment/ Alcohol Addiction Treatment | Park Bench Group - Alcohol addiction is a progressive disease. But recovery is possible with specialized care and comprehensive treatment. Call now to learn about our programs
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/young-adult-opiate-addiction-treatment-track/ Young Adult Opiate Addiction Treatment | Park Bench Group - Recovery for the real world. Our personalized approach to young adult opiate addiction treatment helps clients learn the recovery skills they need.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/addiction-and-trauma-treatment/ Addiction & Trauma Treatment | Park Bench Group - Trauma can impact life in unpredictable ways. Our treatment center focuses on treating trauma and helping you understand the role it plays in addiction
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/outpatient-programs/ Intensive Outpatient Program NJ | Outpatient Therapy | Park Bench - Park Bench Group offers intensive outpatient programs & outpatient therapy for adults & young people. Programs can include individual & family counseling.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/referral-to-detox/ Drug and Alcohol Detox Referral Programs | Park Bench Group - Park Bench Group offers medically monitored drug & alcohol detox through quality detox facilities. Call to learn more about alcohol and drug detox programs
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/medical-care/ Medical Care | Park Bench Group Addiction Treatment - Our highly trained medical team has years of experience working with the physical, mental and behavioral components of addiction. Learn more
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/addiction-programs-nj/therapies/ Addiction Treatment Therapies at Park Bench Group - Park Bench Group offers a full range of therapies for addiction treatment and recovery aftercare. Recovery is possible, we can help.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction-treatment/ About Us | Addiction Treatment Center | Park Bench Group - The Park Bench Group offers a unique approach to addiction treatment, resulting in a high success rate. Call today for a confidential assessment
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction-treatment/why-choose-us/ Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey | Park Bench Group - Park Bench drug and alcohol rehab is different than other addiction treatment facilities. Learn how we help clients make a change for the better. 
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction-treatment/staff/ Staff | Park Bench Group Addiction Treatment - Our staff of professionals has extensive experience working with individuals with mental health and addiction issues. Meet the Staff at Park Bench Group
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/testimonials-and-success-stories/ Park Bench Group | Testimonials and Reviews - Find out why Park Bench Group is one of the best rehab centers in New Jersey. Read patient reviews and testimonials to learn more about Park Bench Group
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/a-typical-day/ Addiction Rehab, What to Expect | A Typical Day at Park Bench - Drug and alcohol rehab programming at Park Bench changes and evolve with our client's needs. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment approach
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/study-shows-sustainable-treatment-outcomes/ Long-Term Study Shows Positive Treatment Outcomes - According to a long-term study of patient outcomes, the answer for most is significant and sustained improvement.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction/ About Addiction | Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment | Park Bench - Addiction & substance abuse are a chronic disease of the brain. With Park Bench, gain insights into the types of addiction and treatment options.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction/signs-of-addiction/ Signs of Addiction | Park Bench Group Addiction Treatment - The primary mark of addiction is continued use of drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences Gain insights into the signs of addiction. 
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction/alcoholism/ Alcoholism | Signs, Symptoms & Treatment | Park Bench Group - Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people every year. Gain insights into the signs of alcoholism, symptoms of withdrawal and treatment options
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction/drug-abuse/ Drug Abuse | Commonly Use Drugs and Drug Abuse Treatment - Drug addiction is a disease of the brain that requires professional treatment. Learn about commonly used drugs such as opioids, painkillers and marijuana.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/about-addiction/co-occurring-disorders/ Dual Diagnosis Treatment | Co-occurring Disorders | Park Bench - Park Bench Group offers specialized treatment for people struggling with dual diagnosis & co-occurring disorders. Learn more about our treatment programs.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/admissions/ Addiction Treatment Admissions Overview | Park Bench Group - Admissions to Park Bench Group are accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If needed, we provide complimentary pickup within NJ and Philadelphia.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/admissions/insurance-for-drug-alcohol-treatment/ Insurance Eligibility for Addiction Treatment | Park Bench Group - Park Bench Group can determine insurance benefit eligibility or help make payment arrangements Most insurances and credit cards are accepted.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/admissions/faqs/ FAQs | Park Bench Group Addiction Treatment Center - Find answers to frequently asked questions about the admissions, insurance and treatment options at Park Bench Group drug rehab center.
  • https://www.parkbenchgroup.com/contact-new-jersey-drug-alcohol-counselor/ Park Bench Group | Drug and Alcohol Programs | Atlantic County NJ - Park Bench Group is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is located at 1810 Shore Road Northfield, NJ 08225 | (877) PRK-BNCH or (609) 641-0000

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