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    City: 12.1097 , Italy

  • chica - Fun and varied

    I love to travel and really enjoyed this book of travel essays. Some were better than others so I just skimmed those that didn't engage me.

  • reviewer - Excellent!

    Very high quality product and definitely easy to clean--does not stick! I'm very pleased with the product and can't say it has any flaws.

  • Actually One of the Better - Actually One of the Better

    Don't confuse the TOPIC, which is very difficult for people who are unfamiliar, with the AUTHORS or STYLE.

  • Carl R. Grady - Recommended by My Software/Hardware Gurus

    If you've been around computers for more than 30 years you don't need much support, but if all you do is Office applications for the most part then you need some help (and some protection) from old Java software runtime programs and other necessary but arcane ilk. Avast was installed on my laptop and it's supported by the guru company I always call on if anything goes wrong. They continue to support the laptop and Avast, and I upgraded from free Avast to paid.

  • A. Pulido - A lot better than expected!

    Although it does appear to be a bit plasticy, it also feels like it came with the car and doesn't stand out. I can't believe I've been driving without this at all. I'm really glad I purchased it and would highly recommend it.