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BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office - Home - The BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) promotes the delivery of safe, effective, and efficient transfusion services throughout British Columbia. Established in 1997, the office serves as a medium for communication and consultation on provincial blood issues, provides a forum for blood policy planning and program implementation, and supports the needs of hospital blood banks in BC.

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  • Teresa - Interacts with Medications

    I was really hoping I could take this, but according to WebMD, some ingredients included in Leaky Gut interact with medications changed by the liver. I called my pharmacist to see if any medications I take are changed by the liver and he said that most drugs change the liver enzymes.

  • Robert - Better than any phone images

    Used it for the first time on Saturday night- friends surprise 40th. When I turned up with it, a few people said their phones were doing the same thing, but the reality is, ( as I explained) the memory on phones isnt good. Pictures, clips, etc, get erased to free up memory, zooms arent good, and people dont use them well. A good , proper camera, is still head and shoulders above any phone, and I know at my nephews play this saturday, it will be this, rather than my phone I will use to capture his performance. Full HD so great picture, and the stills came out great too- phones cant compete

  • Gerry - Casi Cielo

    Purchased the coffee for my husband who is not a big coffee drinker but really likes this one. Good purchasing experience.

  • Walter Krutzfeldt - Raymond L. Weil did it again!

    One of the best books so far in the series, I couldn't put this book down as I couldn't wait to see what Admiral Strong would do next to save his fleet or his home.