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Las Vegas Veterinarians | Animal Hospital Las Vegas | Veterinary Clinic Las Vegas - Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - (702) 228-4000 Your Compassionate Las Vegas Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Solution. Ensuring all your pet health needs with the highest quality professional veterinary care since 1993. Call Today!

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  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/ Las Vegas NV Veterinary Services - Veterinary clinic offering a full range of veterinary services for cats and dogs, including veterinary surgery, pet dental care, advanced veterinary diagnostics, laser therapy, and more.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/behavioral-training/ Veterinarian Las Vegas | Pet Behavioral Training | Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Pet Medical Center - 702-228-4000 Pet Behavioral Problems Can Take Much Of The Fun Out Of Your Relationship With Your Precious Pet And Companion. Let us diagnose and treat your pet's behavioral problems before they get out of hand so you can both enjoy your life together more.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/cardiology/ Vet Las Vegas : Cardiology : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Veterinarians offering pet cardiology testing and treatment for pet heart conditions.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/dental-care/ Veterinarian Las Vegas | Pet Dental Care | Veterinary Dentistry - Pet Medical Center - (702) 228-4000 With 75% of dogs and cats developing some form of dental disease by age 3 it is vital that your precious pet companion receive regular veterinary dental screenings and care.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/dermatology/ Vet Las Vegas : Dermatology : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Las Vegas veterinarians offering pet dermatology, allergy & skin treatment for dogs and cats.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/end-of-life-care/ Vet Las Vegas : End of Life Care : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Compassion and support for pet end-of-life care and euthanasia, cremation & burial options in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/endocrinology/ Vet Las Vegas : Endocrinology : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Veterinary hospital treating pet endocrinology and hormonal conditions, such as thyroid, diabetes and more.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/veterinary-health-certificates/ Vet Las Vegas : Health Certificates for Travel : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas provides veterinary health certificates for domestic and international travel.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/veterinary-internal-medicine/ Vet Las Vegas : Internal Medicine : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Las Vegas veterinarians providing treatment, hospitalization, and veterinary care for sick or injured pets.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/veterinary-laboratory-testing/ Vet Las Vegas : Laboratory Testing : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Animal clinic with an in-house veterinary laboratory for blood work and other lab tests in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/microchip-identification/ Vet Las Vegas : Microchip Identification : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Las Vegas veterinarians offering pet microchips to help find missing or lost dogs and cats.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/pet-nutritional-counseling/ Vet Las Vegas : Nutritional Counseling : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Veterinary clinic offering complete veterinary care including pet nutritional counseling and information.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/pet-pain-management/ Vet Las Vegas : Pain Management : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Our Las Vegas animal hospital offers pet pain management, pet medications and supplements.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/heartworm-parasite-prevention/ Vet Las Vegas : Parasite and Worm Control : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Prevention and treatment for fleas, ticks, parasites and heartworm at Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/pet-supplies/ Vet Las Vegas : Pet Supplies : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas carries pet supplies including pet foods, dental products, pet treats and more.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/veterinary-radiology/ Vet Las Vegas : Radiology : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - Veterinarians in Las Vegas providing advanced veterinary radiology, digital pet X-ray and more.
  • https://www.petmedicalcenter.com/las-vegas-veterinary-services/veterinary-specialist-referrals/ Vet Las Vegas : Specialist Referrals : Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas - We provide referrals to veterinary specialists in pet cardiology, pet dermatology, pet cancer treatment and more in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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  • Amazoncrazy - Not happy

    It made me very sick my stomach would cramp so bad it kept me up all night. I tried it for five days sent it back

  • Kevin - A good office desk toy to annoy your boss.

    After a several days with Cozmo as a pre-ordering early adopter (arrived Friday 10/14/16), I initially enjoyed the experience with the exception of a highly annoying requirement to reconnect to Cozmo's wifi every time I try to start a new session. I'd expect to go through this exercise once, during initial setup, just like my Neato Connected robot. Instead, after Cozmo goes to sleep on his dock, if I want to begin a new session, I open the Cozmo app, it searches for Cozmo, then it brings me to a screen that says: "Cozmo needs help connecting to your network ...". At this point, I have to go to Settings and manually switch my phone from my home wifi to Cozmo's wifi. But it gets worse: Cozmo's network doesn't appear unless I pick him up from the dock and set him back down, at which point the lights on his back light up again and the Cozmo network appears. Then I can select it, re-enter the Cozmo app and it resumes and wakes him up. This greatly detracts from the experience as you have to initiate each session. It's a toy robot. The key word is "TOY". Consider this when thinking about purchasing this novelty. Do not expect Wall-E, Johnny 5, or any other autonomous robot A.I.

  • Delores Walmer - Yonana

    I received this product as a gift and was so pleased with it that I immediately ordered one for my daughter. She, too, thinks this is a wonderful machine. I would buy another one with no hesitation. As usual, Amazon proved to be a wonderful place to purchase items. Thank you.