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Planet Boomer - Retire now for less in SE Asia - Retire now for less in Southeast Asia. Your essential guide to property, living costs, healthcare, taxes, visas, pensions In Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali

  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/new-blog-2/ Blog — Planet Boomer - Planet-Boomer Ask & Share is a forum, or message board where readers can hold conversations about retiring overseas - how to's with visa, health insurance, property and more.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/cambodia/ Cambodia — Planet Boomer - Retire in Cambodia. Your essential guide to property, living costs, healthcare and visas in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/indonesia/ Bali — Planet Boomer - Retire in Indonesia. Bali is attracting thousands of retirees. Visas are friendly, living is cheap.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/property-malaysia/ Malaysia — Planet Boomer - Malaysia is a cultural stir fry and a great destination to retire.  The food is superb. The infrastructure, including the health system, first world.  And for the retiree it offers the perfect visa - MM2H.  
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/thailand/ Thailand — Planet Boomer - In Thailand - you are spoilt for choice:  wild, laid-back, beaches, islands, mountains. Steeped in the gentle culture of Buddhism. Luxury retirement on a shoestring.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/vietnam/ Vietnam — Planet Boomer - Retire in Vietnam. Your essential guide to property, living costs, healthcare and visa in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Hoi An .
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/europe/ Europe — Planet Boomer - Your essential guide to property, living costs, healthcare and visa in France and Spain.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/rs/cambodia/ Cambodia, Phnom Penh · Garry and Rita — Planet Boomer - Garry and Rita, Australians who Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off.  They are OVER 50 – rejected at work but saved by Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/rs/cambodia-1-1-1-1/ Cambodia · Phnom Penh · Joanna — Planet Boomer - Joanna from UK, Sell Up Pack Up and Take off to live a simple life yet beautiful life cheaply. She pays a little over A$1000 a month for a two-bedroom apartment in the centre of town in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/rs/cambodia-1-1/ Cambodia · Phnom Penh · Ted and Helen — Planet Boomer - Ted and Helen, Australians who Sell Up Pack Up Take Off to find a restaurant opportunity and a new life in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/rs/cambodia-1/ Cambodia · Phnom Penh · Janet and Rick — Planet Boomer - Janet and Rick, Australians who Sell Up Pack Up and Take off are intoxicated by Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/elizabeth-bali/ Indonesia · Bali · Elizabeth — Planet Boomer - For Elizabeth, a 60-year-old, single Australian woman, the lower cost of living has been critical to her moving to and staying in Bali.  Bali offered a solution to what was a financial catastrophe in Australia.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/paul-and-kate-bali/ Indonesia · Bali · Paul and Kate — Planet Boomer - Paul and Kate, Australians who are around 50 years of age, Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off to Bali, Indonesia simply because they could live a lot more cheaply and a lot better.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/john-and-sandra-seminyak/ Indonesia · Bali · John and Sandra — Planet Boomer - John and Sandra, Australians who Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off to Bali, Indonesia to retreat from the Grim Reaper.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/geoffrey-and-michael-in-ubud/ Indonesia · Bali · Geoffrey and Michael — Planet Boomer - Geoffrey and Michael were facing a trailer park in Western Victoria or Woy Woy, before deciding to pack up and move to Ubud Bali. They now live in a lavish traditional Javanese house with in-ground pool, landscaped gardens and eat out regularly in the cheap local restaurants.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/rs/cambodia-1-1-1/ Malaysia · Penang · Josh and Kendal — Planet Boomer - Josh and Kendal and their eleven-year-old daughter, Australians who Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off to escape for excitement in Penang Malaysia.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/judith-in-penang/ Malaysia · Penang · Judith — Planet Boomer - Judith, an Australian Sell Up Pack Up and Take off to Penang Malaysia,   Penang is like a less crowded, less congested and greener Hong Kong.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/jim-and-ellen/ Malaysia · Penang · Jim and Ellen — Planet Boomer - Jim and Ellen, Canadians who Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off to Penang for a luxury life on a shoestring budget.
  • http://www.planet-boomer.com/bob-and-marion-in-penang/ Malaysia · Penang · Bob and Marion — Planet Boomer - Bob and Marion, Australians who wanted to Sell Up Pack Up and Take Off.  Penang, Malaysia pops up as a retirement haven.

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  • Paul R. Ohta - overall a pretty good program

    The card creating part of the program is much better than Createacard which we had previously. We have had an issue with the calendar not saving some of the events we added, which has been a little frustrating.

  • Arlo - ... wanted a light weight stroller and this one is perfect. It features a strap when folded up so ...

    I wanted a light weight stroller and this one is perfect. It features a strap when folded up so its easy to carry, super smooth when pushing, a small space underneath the stroller for storage. I really enjoy and love this stroller!

  • Antonio Evertez - New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Ninth Edition, Comprehensive

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  • Brerlapn - More convenient than Match, but organization Is lacking

    A binder of women is a welcome addition to the marketplace, and Avery delivers a solid product as usual. Buyers should be aware, however, that while the binder is indeed full of women, little care seems to have been taken to ensure that the selection was properly organized. My binder arrived with blondes and brunettes jumbled together, no ethnic sorting whatsoever, and professional gals mixed in with yoga instructors. I don't at all fault Avery for the variety of women included, but I would have preferred an add-on option that allowed for tabbed groups (it's a three-ring binder, I don't know how marketing missed the opportunity for an up-sell). In summary, at this price point the binder delivers a quality value, especially when considering the cost savings from cancelling my Match.com account. Potential buyers should definitely consider that a binder full of women is *heavy*, so to avoid exorbitant FedEx charges Amazon Prime or Amazon's $25 free shipping deal are essential. Will update review to five stars if tabbed option is added.