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  • DaBus - Fun experiment

    This is a great kit because it gives average beer drinkers the chance to make if for themselves. I've used this to make several types of beer and some have been better than others. The best was probably the Vienna Lager. I added some extra brown sugar to that which increases the alcohol content. Turned out quite tasty. I don't think that the stock beer that comes with the kit is very good but they sell other types separately.

  • Tommie 65 - Fixed a several year old problem.

    My heels are the best they have been in many years. At one point the pain made it difficult to walk. Not anymore! Gave a tube to a relative who also claims great results. The packaging changes a bit and their claim of visible results in one, then 3 days changed. I did, however, see results day one!

  • Heisenberg - Cured my cancer!!!

    I got cancer and had no money for treatment. I started making and selling meth and bought the TV. The radiation which came out of this TV worked as chemotherapy and cured my cancer too.

  • SoCal Reader - Great beginner set, but doesn't hold heat

    I received this set as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I love it - the non-stick surface makes cleaning a snap. However, the thin cooking surface doesn't hold a lot of heat, and now that I have a gas range the skillets are beginning to warp. But if you don't do a lot of high-heat cooking these pans are pretty good.

  • Johnny - works

    Very skeptical. But my wife had irregular cycles for almost a year (trying to conceive in that year). Tried the Pregnitude and it normalized her cycles. She got pregnant after her cycles were normal ( less than 2 months).

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing product

    This product is great. I have been using it for around two weeks, but my white stretchmarks are much less noticeable. I don't know how well it works for severe stretchmarks, and mine are very light, but they will help conceal the light kind. It smells nice and is affordable. Again, I dont have the red and purple marks, but for those with paler stretchmarks, this is a dream cream. It works even better on my breasts, which got very pale stretch marks after my pregnancy. Highly recommended for before birth and after. Ladies, I would start using various stretchmark and bust firming creams at puberty. An ounce of prevention...

  • Daniel Mejia - Completely satisfied so far

    I have to say I have been skeptical about hair loss products and at 32 was getting ready to picture myself with a shaved head. But I decided to give this product a shot... after only 5 weeks I am starting to see the difference, I heard this doesn't work in the forehead bald spots but that was my problem. I can see the new hair growing back already. :-)