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  • Ken Chisholm - A miracle, natural product

    This is a natural substance that I purchased on advice from a friend that it had worked miracles for and it has done the same for me. I have had severe Neuropathy for about 15 years and was so bad it was waking me at night with burning and tingling pain in my feet and lower legs. I had been taking a prescription drug, Gabipenton, for a year or better and was Taking as many as 4 pills a day with reasonable success except it made my balance issues worse. I started the 1300 mg Turmeric AND BY THE TIME THE FRST BOTTLE WAS 2/3 GONE I HAD NO MORE LEG OR FOOT BURNING OR TINGLING AND improved balance issues and was sleeping through the night. This is truly a miracle product. Thank you Schwartz Bioresearch. Ken Chisholm Longview WA.

  • Josph Famiglietti - 4.75 stars, but Amazon only gives me integers.

    Hello Amazonians! Time for my annual release-day Nero review. I've been beta testing this release, so my review does indeed come from extensive experience with the software. While Nero gives me a working serial number for my efforts, they don't otherwise compensate me for my review, nor am I an employee of the company. A quick note to make is that I personally don't use a tablet that much, and "mobile device" gets really cumbersome, so if I say "phone", you can fill in the blank to mean "the iOS or Android running device of your choosing". Let's get started, because it's long...

  • None of your business - I hate this man with every ounce of life in me.

    I hate Obama more than anyone in the world...so why would I want a countdown calendar with his face on it? The sooner he is gone, the better off we'll be.

  • stacey - I plan to continue using and would recommend this product

    So far I have been taking product for a week. I haven't weighed myself but my clothes are loose. It has curbed my appetite, no sleep issues or stomach issues or side effects. I plan to continue using and would recommend this product.

  • Wade Johnson Jr. - I Think that I am Disappointed

    I thought that Swarovski was going to alternate their annual ornaments between snowflakes and stars. So I am disappointed that this year seemed to be another star and not a snowflake. Some reviewers are calling it a "snowflake", but it looks like a star to me. Swarovski has a smaller ornament labeled 2016 Annual Edition Christmas Star, small" which looks just like it. So I would drop the rating to 3 stars for my disappointment in it not being a snowflake but will add a star for so many saying that it is "beautiful". Have not received them yet but I will be ordering my usual four for family and friends.

  • Billybob - A very rugged machine

    I have been using for more than a year with no problems. Very strong piece of equipment. Easy to assemble. A lot heavier than my old elliptical trainier. I expect it to last a lot longer

  • Javid E. Bencosme - tried niacin therapy didnt work abram hoffer

    wanted to treat adhd and mood with niacin, i got realy sick at 2000 mg fever and anxiety atack throwin up for fourdays, dr abram hoffer and dr andrew saul makes it sound so easy simply take mega doses of vitamins and you feel normal the storys of the skitsofrania inspired me but idk why it didnt work on me did i do smomething wrong?