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Articles About Herpes - Oral or genital herpes results in painful blisters and sores covering certain spots or quite large areas of the body. It’s a transmitted disease that spreads q

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  • nini - This product couldn't have come at a better time. My two boys are both sick and ...

    This product couldn't have come at a better time. My two boys are both sick and have fevers. I have an under the arm thermometer, but it takes a little time and I have to hold them to stop them from wiggling. I was hoping is was going to be different. This thermometer does its job and takes very accurate temperature, from I have seen. The only problem I have with it, is that it isn't accurate if you have a wiggly child or the forehead part isn't directly flat on the forehead. It isn't the products fault that it wasn't working for my children unless they were really still. It's a great product and did its job well, but it was just hard to get my children to sit still with it so maybe it's better for older kids/adults. Overall, I am very pleased with the way it works though!

  • Midori - I love Luvvie!

    The first time I discovered Luvvie was through a video she posted on Facebook that someone shared. The video was 30 minutes long and I thought to myself "I'm not about to listen to someone ranting for 30 minutes." However, I was bored and needed to waste some time, so I clicked on Luvvie's video. The time flew and I laughed the entire time. Luvvie has a way with words that is just impressive. I've been a fan of hers since then. No matter whether you have Luvvie in a video, on a blog post, or on a book, her way with words is what makes her AWESOME. I absolutely loved this book and laughed throughout the entire thing. This book isn't putting anyone down, it's telling us ALL that we can and need to do better. Luvvie's tongue my seem sharp, but she's harmless. If her words sting, then that's because YOU know that you need to do better!

  • Jerry L. Mackey - Beta Software at a Premium Price

    Based on the list price of this software, you might think that it would be a powerful, efficient, BUG-FREE application that would rival Adobe Creative Suite for ease and power of vector and paint content creation. Or at least it would be as easy to use and as well-polished as its sister product, Sketchbook Pro 2011, which does pixel painting only, no vector art.

  • Chad Bruce - The box set is designed beautifully and the booklet is amazing

    All I can say is ...WOW. the 3rd set of unreleased and alternate versions is outstanding...especially dollys vocals on "handful of dust". This is a must have for everyone! The box set is designed beautifully and the booklet is amazing!! Well worth the money!! It's been a great few weeks for dolly fans....Pure & Simple is a great new cd by dolly and become her first number album in 25 years and now we get this masterpiece!!

  • tony y - McAfee AntiVirus Plus

    purchased Mcafee AntiVirus before,very pleased with it.easy to install and user friendly!I haved used other virus software in the past several years and I found this to be the best.

  • Amazon Customer - I love this product

    I love this product, I use it for pole fitness classes and its awesome. As I do more complicated moves, spins, inverts - I find I need a better grip because my hands get sweaty especially on a warm pole. You only need a little drop and it goes a long way. I have other classmates that use this as well, My instructor let us use her iTac and OMG I thought it would never come off - its super gunky and hard to remove. Dry hands is easy to remove when you are ready for a less stickier grip - i usually use alcohol.

  • OCMama - Very impressed

    I purchased this kit in April (2012) and have used ever since. I battled acne in my early teens and was put on accutane and my skin cleared up.. until I had my first child 4yrs ago and my face turned into pizza. It was oily and I would get small small bumps all over my forehead and chin. It cleared up with the help of proactive. What I didnt like about proactive is that it made my face itch like crazy and that the day you go off it your bad skin comes back.. and ten times worse!