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  • Veggiemommy - Best meltable vegan cheese on the market

    This is the best meltable vegan cheese on the market today. Like others have reviewed, it's not great right out of the package. It's awesome melted on pizza, burritos, etc. You can make it into a cheesy sauce on the stove top by mixing in a little vegan soy or nut milk. The only reason I don't give it a five star is that it is not a direct substitute for the animal based cheeses on the market. There is room for improvement. Probably in another decade vegan cheese will replace animal based cheese because it's more affordable and healthier to consume.

  • Donna - This movie was horrible you could clearly see it was a B rated ...

    This movie was horrible you could clearly see it was a B rated movie there's nothing that they could do to even give it a one star it's just that I couldn't get it no stores that's the only reason why I gave it just the one star because if were up to me it would be zero stars

  • M. Kyle - A great read for anyone concerned about the well-being of this country and the world.....

    This book is by the same Progressive Talk Show host who forewarned his listeners and viewers about an impending economic crash back in 2007. It took it about 18 months to materialize, but I parked 85% of my investments after weighing the evidence of what he was saying, and was SO much better off for it. He doesn't just spout off for the sake of saying something. He is very thought provoking and quite insightful, which is why I podcast his 3 hour show 5 days a week, and listen to it at work the next day, everyday!

  • Amazon Customer - So far so great

    So far I love it. Transferring files from my old (malfunctioning) player was a snap. It sounds great with headphones, in the car or through the stereo. I just hope the battery is as good as everything else. Only time will tell.

  • S. Hawkins - Great tea! Good value too for six boxes.

    I felt the effects from this tea the first day I started. I noticed I had more energy, I felt more productive and I wasn't as hungry. I didn't even think at the time about the fact I had had a cup of this tea in the morning. It wasn't until about 2 days later when I realized that all the energy and less hunger that it was probably the results this tea.

  • rallycat19 - Disappointing

    Followed the directions to the letter, but the product didn't make any noticeable difference - except I had to pee a lot from drinking so much water. Very disappointed.

  • James Russell - Best With Harley-Davidson's Service Manual

    You still should have and use the factory Harley-Davidson service manual due to its enhanced size and details, but this Clymer manual picks up favorable points to buy this book. This manual has fantastic step-by-step troubleshooting flow-charts and instructions for troubleshooting the electric and electronic and all of the engine sensors and how to test those sensors to see if they are functioning. That is worth the price of this book alone! You really do need this Clmer manual to find out what is wrong with the bike/engine before you can fix it. The H-D manual lacks troubleshooting of the electrical/sensors. If you can not afford the H-D manual and need one manual to get started, then get this Clymer manual. Engine/transmission/drive train overhaul are also covered and great detail is given to measure wear on components (bearings/shafts/gears) which I found to be pleasing to see in a shop manual. Do yourself a favor, get this Clymer manual. You will be satisfied! JamesRussellPublishing.com