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Home | Sankalp India Foundation - Sankalp India Foundation is a non-government organisation based in Bangalore, India. It a working for blood donation, thalassemia and disaster relief.

  • http://www.sankalpindia.net/drupal/about-sankalp/sankalp-celebrates-being-7 Sankalp celebrates being 7 | Sankalp India Foundation - On the 22nd of May this year, Sankalp India Foundation celebrated being 7 years old. To mark this milestone, a small event was organized at MSRIT. Well wishers, parents of volunteers, members from the blood banking community, friends, and people from organizations with whom we work were all part of the event.[toc hidden:1]
  • http://www.sankalpindia.net/drupal/about-us About Us | Sankalp India Foundation - A certain amount of unrest that resides within us is our driving power. In our day to day living, this unrest provokes us work for our dreams.

    Country:, Asia, SG

    City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

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