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  • Jessie Hawkins - Garbage.

    Pay the extra $6-thou and forget these lousy knock offs. To the manufacturer's credit, though, they shipped immediately upon reception of my first born child.

  • Sarita - For me....

    I have taken air borne for 6 years. Take it when your throat first feels scratchy. I now take it wth black elderberry pills. I have had maybe two colds in the past 5 years. I am around two grands that go to achool and get their fair share of colds. Im not a dr and dont play one on tv just tell what i do with this and how it works for me.

  • Brianna Shafer - Could be better

    I purchased this a couple months ago and was very excited to find an all natural product for my hair loss. So far, it has made my hair very soft and smells nice ( I use the conditioner as well). I have not seen any type of results in terms of hair growth and my head gets itchy and flaky. I will continue to use it until the bottles are empty in hopes that I will see results, if I do not scratch all my hair off before then.

  • Tammy Andersen - Almased

    Love this product! My energy level is up, my skin is clear and inches around my waist are shrinking. Just a great product for me.

  • Ila M. Dummer - Good Book

    Has everything you need to work the program with easy to follow instructions. Love for Dummies books! I have lots of them.

  • imthechills - Great fun

    I haven't actually played this game, but we gave it to my son who has Downs Syndrome. He and his friends love the action of wrestling. They watch it and play it. We seem to get him a new one each year. It was the first thing he asked for for Christmas.

  • spicy_papa - Very bad - I refunded the product (pending)

    I purchased the 2014 version and immediately after installing and then trying to download a Web Connect file from my bank's website the software crashed. I tried a couple more times and it kept crashing. Now I am trying to get a refund but cannot get anyone at Intuit to help. I call their support phone number listed on their website and it essentially hangs up on me. I tried many times to get help from their support site in other ways but the website leads me through a series of steps and then I end up with a page telling me that they are overwhelmed with requests, leaving me with no option to get help. When I specifically tried to use their website to answer my refund request questions, I repeatedly was taken to an article on check printing. I'm no dummy, as I've been a software developer for many years. I am increasingly annoyed by Quicken and now by Intuit as a whole. I'm not sure what's happening with this company but they are simply not what they used to be. I have been a loyal user of Quicken since the mid-90's but now I am seriously looking for other options for my money management needs. I hope I can find a product that allows me to import my quicken data and then I can simply move on.