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Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital - Welcome to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, located along the northern shores of Lake Michigan. Our state-of-the-art facility opened in April 2013. Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital will be a leader in health and wellness, serving our community and the South Central Upper Peninsula in a professional, patient centered and high quality environment. We offer a wide-spectrum of health care services including: a 24-hour/day physician staffed Emergency Room, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy/Rehabilitation, Cardio-Pulmonary Care, Medical Imaging, Laboratory services and HomeCare & Hospice. Our surgical program includes: Orthopedic, Urology, General and Ophthalmology … operating in one of largest operating rooms in the Upper Peninsula. Visiting Specialists come to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital each month to provide services such as Oncology, Podiatry, Cardiology, Obstetrics and more. The Alan W. Ott Rural Health Clinic is staffed with family physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants and offers a walk-in clinic. Experience why so many have made Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital their provider of choice!

  • http://www.scmh.org/hospital-directions/ Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital - Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is committed to providing quality inpatient and outpatient healthcare and wellness for the people of our community.
  • http://www.scmh.org/patientvisitor-info/specialist-schedule/ Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital - Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is proud to provide physician coverage in specialty services. Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is located in Manistique Michigan.

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  • Jonathan corcio - Great glassess!!!!

    I was a little hesitant to purchase these because they are labeled as a woman model. However, I tried them on at lenscrafters and I really loved them! So I ordered the frame from amazon, and got the lens done at costco for cheap. I've gotten many compliments on these glasses and they fit cool! Highly recommend! Makes me wish I was in the 50s

  • For Fun Reader - No substitute for nature!

    These mats work very well, but are no substitutes for actually standing barefoot on grass, sand or soil outdoors. In my experience, they are good to "rescue you from the dead", meaning they are a wonderful resource when you are bed ridden and unable to go outside. But, if you are just lazy to go outdoors barefoot, do not expect the mat to be a nature substitute. Nothing can replace real contact with Mother Nature! This would be like relying on pills for sound nutrition instead of real, wholesome food. The mat is not a magic pill that cures all and there is a limit for what it can accomplish. Your connection with Mother Nature is your duty! And no artificial device will do it for you! As one reviewer wrote, "I know that after some time at the beach and in the ocean, I feel more relaxed and like I've recharged my batteries".


    I'm so glad I've found this product. I didn't realise I was at risk of such a horrible fate. I am only 21 so my labia is still lovely and pink, but I had no idea it went grey. How foul. I've now started checking my vagina in the mirror every day to make sure it's still pink, and I've ordered a couple of tubs of this stuff in preparation for the day it all goes wrong.

  • Emily Washines - Great

    Great for my 7 month old and 2 year old. It is fits better in our sedan trunk than the BOB double stroller. It fits through doorways. The baskets could be improved. We have a skiphop diaper bag that attaches to the handles. Overall, I recommend it as it helps for those quick trips out and about.

  • Mona Lisa - Takes time to use but well worth it !!

    I am hooked and I stock up. These are the best. Most reviews that are negative must not be using it correctly. It does take time to get used too. And it also takes time to get use to removing it. Once you know where it sits , removing is a breeze. I love the freedom because you can wear whatever you want and no heavy pad or tampon. Once these are in place correctly you do not feel them, if you feel it then its not in correctly ! You need to get use to how often you need to change the cup. I like that you have no mess and no smell like standard pads. Take the time to know how to use them and you too will love them.