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Coffs Harbour Senior College - Coffs Harbour Senior College is a unique learning environment providing a specialist HSC experience for students. Centrally located in Coffs Harbour.

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    This is one of the top rated bacteria. It has a very important role in creating serotonin. 95% of the serotonin in your body is created in your gut so increasing this bacteria and feeding it resistant starch is a great idea for those who might have depression/anxiety or maybe have an overall feeling of doom or negativity. I have been taking resistant starch (Bob's Red Mill Unmodified Potato Starch) for a couple weeks now and have recently started taking this bacteria and have noticed drastic improvements in my sleep and overall mood. I highly advise it for anyone as resistant starch is being called the biohack of the decade and your microbiome determines who you are as a person.

  • Sandra Imholte - Love the protection and color

    Speck makes excellent cases for iphones! I had one for my iphone 4 and now did not hesitate to get one for my iphone 5. Great protection for my rather pricey toy without the bulk of the otterboxes. This color looks great especially with the white iphone!

  • S. Foxover - Great car except navigation.

    Really like the car. My only criticism is the audio/navigation system. I really would have liked Android Auto. I might look for an after market product. Toyota is a bit arrogant thinking they can compete with Apple and Google by outsourcing their navigation app. Tried to install the Scout app and it failed to install on the car navigation like its supposed to. The rest of the car is awesome. I get about 35 MPG average which I am happy with. Adaptive cruise control is cool as well.

  • Jane - Review Of Simply Fit Board

    First of all, I am not the “gym type”. I do not want to be on display nor do I want my workouts to be in public. I don't have room in my house for gym equipment like treadmills or free weights, so I pretty much avoided working out until now.I received the Simply fit board (Pink) in exchange for an honest review so here goes nothing…

  • Andrew D - Good GRE Book - Covered all the topics

    This is a great book for the General GRE. As of 2013, the GRE has 6 sections: 1 Writing, 2 Verbal Reasoning, and 2 Quantitative Reasoning, and 1 "Test" section. The "Test" section is used to try out future questions and doesn't count for your score.

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