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Plastic Surgeon Santa Rosa CA | plastic surgery | plastic surgeries - Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Barry N. Silberg in Santa Rosa CA offers plastic and cosmetic treatments to improve your appearance and quality of life.

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  • Margaret - More than I expectated!

    The way the books were so full of knowledge and thought out were so helpful in teaching me how to apply the new concepts of ICD-10! I also thought the way that each chapter carried over knowledge of the previous chapters so that you didn't forget what you were trying to grasp, was brilliant! I am still working the program so to speak because it actually has planned step by step lessons with exams and everything so I know that when it comes time to take the ICD-10 proficiency exam, I will be ready! Well, between this and CCO, I know I will be ready because they work hand in hand! Great program......fantastic book!

  • Amanda - Did not work with my skin!

    When I applied this makeup, I loved it! I have very clear skin and after I put it on my skin looked soft and pretty. My job involves a lot of running around and I sweat, but when I had the bare minerals on it was so light weight and breathable. It doesnt completely cover all my blemishes though, I had to use an additional concealer for them. I used it for about a week and I started to notice my skin getting red. Then I broke out HORRIBLY... I had huge cysts like pimples that I have never got before! It was all along my jaw line and my chin. I didn't realize with was the makeup that was making my face breakout until about 3 weeks later I finally stopped using it. It took awhile for my face to get back to normal. Now I use Clinque, it doesnt make my face breakout. A lot of people had great results with this product but I believe it all depends on your skin type! I didnt know my skin was so sensitve because I never had problems with it before!

  • Annstar49 - Love this carseat

    Love this carseat. We have a Diono Radian RXT for our son, and I mostly love it, but was looking for something with an easier/faster install but same safety. Especially for ERF I wanted something that was easy to put baby in and take her out. This car seat is a dream! We love it. It's heavy, but no more than my Diono- but what I really love is how clean it is. I always bust my hands up on car seats during install or moving them- not this one! Every thing is tucked away nicely and there aren't any extra straps hanging around. The plastic out coverings are rounded, which means no scraped fingers or hands. Love that the seats lifts out for easy access to the belt path during install. I can switch it back and forth between cars in record time, with a great install every time. Quick and easy. No rethread harness, but that's not a big deal for us. Especially with how easy it is to do. Tightening the straps RF is simple- my only complaint is the latch to loosen the straps is tucked back pretty far under the seat. I have long fingers and it's still a stretch. Also when baby has on a tank top and her shoulders are exposed, sometimes her skin gets pinched when I tighten the straps (between the strap and the small shoulder cover). This wasn't an issue in her infant seat, but she's pretty chunky, so maybe it could be an issue in another seat?? I'm not certain, but we just take care when fastening her. Overall I adore this seat. Baby girl seems to love it too. She's a larger baby (23lbs at 9 months) but she has plenty of room to grow in it. Our 3 yr old gave it a test drive when we first got it and he was ready to have it for himself. It's easy to install and consistently has a correct fit in the car and on the child.

  • Epilady - Softer, less brassy hair

    I have blonde hair that lightens over the summer with exposure to the sun, but it also retains colors from the pool. I tried the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew shampoo via the Amazon Vine program to see if it would make a difference, and to my eyes, it did. It took some of the brassy highlights out, and gave me a slightly softer shade. My 3 year old son compared my hair to the "corn hairs" (silks on the corn), so it definitely made it softer in about a week (I shampoo almost every day). I have hair almost to the small of my back, and it tangles a lot. It was much easier to comb out after using the shampoo, and my regular conditioner.

  • Vijay S. Sheth - Very Difficult to READ

    This book has very small fonts, that makes very difficult to read. CCH has many other readable books with size 8.5" x 11". Why they have to have smaller size book?

  • Weather-Woman - Not for iMac

    Unfortunately this book is geared to PCs not the iMac. Had I known that, I never would have bought it. I will donate it to a half-price book store instead of just throwing it out.

  • Heather Baumgartner - Works for Me on Vulvodynia

    I suffer from Vulvodynia and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on dermatologists, urogynocologists, prescriptions and homeopathic remedies. This is the only product that consistently works for me. The relief is not perfect but this product does ease the discomfort to a tolerable level. Its expensive but even at $40 a jar is cheaper than the $400 a month I once spent on Urelle as recommended by one urogyn.