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Siler Presbyterian Church - Welcome - Siler Presbyterian Church is a growing, thriving, Evangelical Presbyterian congregation of about 500 members, located in Wesley Chapel, NC, south of Charlotte, NC.

Country:, North America, US

City: -118.7648 California, United States

  • Thomas D. Groesch - DONT BUY THIS FROM AMAZON!!!!

    I wish I could give this zero stars, giving it even one is very generous. The only reason I say this is due to the highly unfortunate fact that "sharpyinc" has COMPLETELY manipulated the Alpha Brain product, and got away with it by still being able to sell it. I feel very sorry for Amazon because I dont believe they even know about this FAKE Alpha Brain thats floating around on their AWESOME site. The REAL Alpha Brain sold by Onnit is a few bucks more in price, the pills themselves are half green and half yellow, and DO work and DO in fact fuel wonders to your brain in many levels. I know this, because I have bought Alpha Brain by the Onnit company, FROM the Onnit company firsthand. The only reason I tried the Amazon route was, again, it was a little bit cheaper. But, BOY should I have went with my instincts, and NOT bought it in the first place. When I got it, I INSTANTLY notice fishy differences from the original. 1. The bottle was completly solid in color, and totally white. As opposed to the real bottle that is clear. 2. The pills themselves were completely clear, as opposed to the real pills that are, again, half green and half yellow. 3. There were zero effects when taking them, as opposed to the real ones that enhanced everything, as well as my awareness and my sleep. 4. There was no cotton OR that little round piece if paper to seal the bottle after you unscrew the cap, as opposed to a real bottle of supplements that has all of the aforementioned specs. Point being, DONT BUY THIS FROM "SHARPYINC" OR THROUGH AMAZON. BUY IT FROM ONNIT WHERE YOU KNOW ITS THE CORRECT AND UNMANIPULATED PRODUCT!!!!!

  • Belona Chaharbaksh - Very useful!

    This set of essential oils comes with 6: 10ml bottles. I use five to six drops into my diffuser and the smell just runs through my room. The smells are strong and just as expected. Other than using these oils in a diffuser you can also use them for other stuff. You can drop some into your water vacuum cleaner to clean up your carpet. In a bottle spray to spray on your pillows, couch or into your shoes. To remove odor in a room like a room freshener or any other great DIY that you can find on Youtube or come up on your own. I have also used the oil to soak my feet in after a long day at work and it works great. They come in a package sealed with plastic. They came right on time in great condition. Exactly as advertised. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • KD Prime Time - these are real metal and really nice!

    i just got these premium stainless solar lights and i love them. they are made of real metal which is very nice and keeps them strong. the stakes are plastic but still sturdy. they come with the rechargeable batteries and after a full day will shine for a good 6+ hours easily. they are not super bright BUT thats what i wanted. they will light a path just fine as intended and great ambient lighting. they are not overly bright like some others may be. the perfect brightness actually. they are also bigger than i thought as im used to seeing the smaller ones at the bx stores. the tops are about 4" or so around. the light is a cool white not blue but not yellow either almost a true white maybe just a touch more blue than yellow. now you add in the lifetime warranty and you have a great set for life!

  • Hollyjo7411 - Obsessed

    I have read these reviews and can't help but wonder how in the world they can say these things. I have super thick hair that's been colored ALOT and goes further than my boulder blades... And I have used SO many curling wands, irons, rollers, etc. you name it, I've used it! I had a hot tools wand that I used most often and had been wanting a NuMe wand for a LONG time, and when I found a coupon for $115 off, I GOT IT! The hot tools wand curled my hair fine, but it was too thick and I wanted tighter curls... So I went with the 19mm HOT PINK wand. I got it within 2 days of ordering and early enough to use it before doing a cover on YouTube (SUBSCRIBE! Hollyjo7411) :D I slept on it that night, wore it up the next day at work, came home and brushed it and it was still beautifully wavy and shiny. Not to mention it is pretty humid right now in NC! So, anyone who is thinking of buying this and is still reading this review... Stop wasting time, and go get your NuMe wand!!!!!!!

  • Shutterbug35 - Changes in Interface are Confusing

    I have always enjoyed using family tree maker. I have more than 500 people organized and have been adding little bits of history. This version of FTM updated an older one that I was using and had got familiar with. The user interface changes were very dramatic and it took me a long while getting used to the interface, Broderbund had kept the interface simple. Now I have a lot of features and a very cluttered Microsoft like interface that is bewildering. I also lost some of the features that I had gotten used to which produced dense circular layouts that I could put on a wall. Microsoft has got us used to whiplash when they change versions of Office and it was sad to see FTM go that way too. Chances are that the age group using FTM is an older lot and change is definitely harder for our grey haired brethren.

  • MaryAnn Emanuelli - your wood floors need this

    great product. recommended by my Merry Maids. They bring all the other cleaning supplies with them but like this for my Brazilian cherry wood floors. Nice sheen but not waxy looking and not dulling. Its a keeper.

  • jomalo - An Essential HR Reference

    One of the scarcest resources a manager has is time, especially when s/he is new on the job and needs HR information fast. The Essential HR Handbook provides this information the way today's workers like to get it: in well-organized chunks, bulleted for an easy read, and full of sample checklists, policies, and forms so a manager or HR professional has no need to reinvent any wheels. I particularly enjoyed the authors' inclusion of a pithy quote that sets the tone and theme for each chapter. Highly recommended.