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Simon's Unichem Pharmacy: Flu Jabs, Ear Piercings, vaccinations, Tawa, Porirua, Plimmerton, Paremata - Simons Pharmacy offers a wide range of medicine & health products ranging from vaccinations for meningitis, Flu Jabs, viagra for men to Ear Piercings & passport photos & Revlon and Colorstay. We are located in Tawa and service, Porirua, Plimmerton, Paremata.

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  • Kristy_Elizabeth - Gimmicky

    This cleanse kit is basically a bottle of liver support herbs, generic fiber laxative, and pill form milk of magnesia; which is another type of laxative. All products which can be purchased separately and in larger quantity at a greater value. If liver support is of interest then I would buy a bottle of daily support pills vs just using this kit for 7 days. There are numerous options available on Amazon for liver support daily supplements. So basically the kit contains something some people might want to be taking everyday to begin with and the addition of some laxatives; in my opinion there's nothing special about this kit.

  • jenny - Not as good as I expected

    I had expected that this software has more functions than the Access 2007 but until I installed it in my computer and used it for my project, I realized I had waste my money for a product that is not useful at all. I would prefer Access 2007.

  • Robert T Gilbert - A one time watch movie.

    No comparison to original Ghostbusters. Poor story line and poor acting. I didn't have great expectations before I watched it and it was still worse than I expected.

  • redivy - A Great Space-Saver

    Having infant twins means having two of most things. Unfortunately I also have a small house and could not imagine two traditional high chairs in such cramped quarters. A friend had this chair for her child and I fell in love with its size and ease of use.

  • K. Miller - Bad Intuit ... Bad

    I agree with other reviewers who advocate the trial first. THis is what I learned as a owner of quickbooks 2006 for Windows (yes 5 years old and still way better).